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The NEW PRE-ORDER SYSTEM is OPEN! You will be creating a RESERVATION on the system -- no payment yet.
When we are ready to process your order, we'll send an email that your order is "Ready-to-Pay". You'll have 48 hours to make a payment. Otherwise, the computer will change the status to "Unclaimed" and your position will be given to the next person. You are not obligated to complete your order. Only one open Reservation per person. Once paid, it may be up to roughly a week to ship your order.

Ready To Ship!

Need your items fast? The following items are ready to ship in 2-3 days when ordered without any made-to-order items (which is all regular fleece items not listed here).

Ready-to-Ship Hideys!

Perfect for games of hide-n-wheek. Your little ones will have a blast zooming in and out of these hideys.

Shop Our Ready-to-Ship Hideys for Small Animals:
Pigloo in Lime

Price: $12.99

Ready-to-Ship Deals and Bundles!

These packaged deals are perfect for guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas and other small animals.

Shop Our Ready-to-Ship Deals & Bundles for Small Animals:

Ready-to-Ship Basic Supplies!

Don't forget the essentials. Our food bowls, water bottles and cleaning supplies will help provide the basics. Our Starter Kits are also a great gift for first time rattie parents.

Shop Our Ready-to-Ship Basics for Small Animals:
Sweet Potato "Small Fries" snacks for guinea pigs

Price: $3.99

Ceramic Guinea Pig dish with paw prints

Price: $8.99

Stink Pot Detergents for Fleece Bedding

Price: $18.99

Spray Bottles for cleaning solution

Price: $6.99

Dustpans and Broom in Assorted Colors

Price: $4.99-$5.99

Nail Clippers for Guinea Pigs

Price: $9.50

Ready-to-Ship Toys!

A fun and exciting way to promote great dental health, our munchable toys are made in the USA using high quality, edible materials. Place in areas where your piggies like to chew for a tasty and healthy distraction.

Shop Our Ready-to-Ship Toys for Small Animals:
Tasty Treat Bags with Fresh Hay, Herbs and Treats

Price: $12.99

Eco Chew munchable toy for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $19.99

Jester toy for guinea pigs - edible with hay

Price: $14.50

Circus Pop Edible toy items for guinea pigs

Price: $5.99

Guinea Pig Toy - Heavenly Harvest Bell

Price: $14.50

Zen Nibbler Chew Toy for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $19.99

DayDream Delight Toy for Guinea Pigs

Price: $17.99

Spinwheel snacker toy for guinea pigs and small pets

Price: $14.50

Cagetopia's Playful Playmat for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $22.99

DayDream Delight toy for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $22.99

3 cute hay popper edible toys for guinea pigs

Price: $8.99

Wheeker Wreath Chew Toy

Price: $22.99

Snowman Snacker

Price: $19.99

Toy Ticklers Toy Bundle for Guinea Pigs

Price: $20.99

Piggy Power Toy Bundle for Guinea Pigs

Price: $58.99

Ready-to-Ship Clearance Items!

Last chance to save up to 40% on Clearance items (primarily discontinued items or fabrics). Get them while supplies last.

Shop Our Ready-to-Ship Clearance Items for Small Animals:
Syringe for Hand-Feeding Guinea Pigs

Price: $4.19

Ready-to-Ship Gift Certificates!

A great way to let your Guinea Pig Enthusiast pick out exactly what they want!

Shop Our Ready-to-Ship Gift Certificates: