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We are REVISING our ordering system so that we can take your initial order as a RESERVATION so that your place in our production queue is preserved, rather than just opening up at certain times and then having to compete with everyone who has been waiting to order.

This will allow us to better manage our workload and is easier and fairer to you, our valued customers.
We hope to get this going soon (hopefully on Sunday, 7/12) with more info to follow.

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Corner Hammock in Forest Friends
Reversible Corner Hammock for one or two guinea pigs
Availability: Made-to-Order
Item #: HAMMOCK -

    Fleece Forest in Pandas
    A "MUST HAVE" in every cage! They can hide, they can run through, stays clean!
    Availability: Made-to-Order
    Item #: FOREST -

      Flip Tent
      A sturdy, customizable twist to a standard tunnel!
      Availability: Made-to-Order
      Item #: FLIPTENT -

        Flippin Fun Futon in Bold Dots Green
        Pick your fabrics, accent colors and trim options for a perfect piggy hide-away or lounger.
        Availability: Made-to-Order
        Item #: FUTON -

          Hidey Hut in Sketched Owls
          Jenny's ORIGINAL Hidey Huts! Still the best ~ a piggy favorite with a quick-wash potty pad.
          Availability: Made-to-Order
          Item #: HHUT -

            Now in Regular or LARGE size You Get 1 Hidey Hut1 Removeable Potty Pad Dimensions REGULAR: 10" x 10" x 8" LARGE: 12" x 12" x 10"

            Cavy Cave in Sprinkles
            Soft, REVERSIBLE sleep sacks for guinea pigs with stay-open boning. Great for getting piggies out for lap time!
            Availability: Made-to-Order
            Item #: CCAVE -

              Comfy Cozy in Northern Lights
              A Cavy CLASSIC. Piggies love their cozies. DOUBLE REVERSIBLE -- cozy and potty pad for 4 looks in ONE!
              Availability: Made-to-Order
              Item #: CCOZY -

                Magic Muff in Orange Flowers
                Fantastic snuggles and sleeping in this REVERSIBLE fleece tunnel. Pigs love this!
                Availability: Made-to-Order
                Item #: MUFF -

                  Smores Flippin Fun Futon
                  Our Flippin' Fun Futon in our S'MORES style!
                  Availability: Made-to-Order
                  Item #: FUTON-SMORES -

                    Pigloo in Lime
                    Plastic Pigloos - Igloos for guinea pigs
                    Availability: In Stock..
                    Item #: PIGLOO -

                      Large Tropical Fiddlesticks for Guinea Pigs
                      Tropical Fiddle Sticks Bendable Tunnel/Bridge
                      Availability: In Stock..
                      Item #: Tropical-Fiddle-Sticks-LG -