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Corner Cabin in Sketched Owls
A beautiful double-entrance hidey (one piggy can't get trapped by another), "stay in place" - can attach to cage walls or corner
Availability: Made-to-Order
Item #: CCABIN -

    Corner Hammock in Bold Dots Blue
    Reversible Corner Hammock for one or two guinea pigs
    Availability: Made-to-Order
    Item #: HAMMOCK -

      Fleece Forest in Rainbow Zebra
      A "MUST HAVE" in every cage! They can hide, they can run through, stays clean!
      Availability: Made-to-Order
      Item #: FOREST -

        Flip Tent in Blue Forest
        Flip Tent
        Availability: Made-to-Order
        Item #: FLIPTENT -

          Flippin Fun Futon! - Zebra with red/purple/scallops
          Pick your fabrics, accent colors and trim options for a perfect piggy hide-away or lounger.
          Availability: Made-to-Order
          Item #: FUTON -

            Hidey Hut in Foxes
            Jenny's ORIGINAL Hidey Huts! Still the best ~ a big piggy hit ~ with removeable, quick-wash potty pad.
            Availability: Made-to-Order
            Item #: HHUT -

              Cavy Cave in Northern Lights
              Soft, REVERSIBLE sleep sacks for guinea pigs with stay-open boning. Great for getting piggies out for lap time!
              Availability: Made-to-Order
              Item #: CCAVE -

                Comfy Cozy in Black Sugar Skulls
                A Cavy CLASSIC. Piggies love their cozies. DOUBLE REVERSIBLE -- cozy and potty pad for 4 looks in ONE!
                Availability: Made-to-Order
                Item #: CCOZY -

                  Magic Muff in Forest Friends
                  Fantastic snuggles and sleeping in this REVERSIBLE fleece tunnel. Pigs love this!
                  Availability: Made-to-Order
                  Item #: MUFF -

                    Smores Flippin Fun Futon
                    Our Flippin' Fun Futon in our S'MORES style!
                    Availability: Made-to-Order
                    Item #: FUTON-SMORES -

                      Critter Hollow in lime with guinea pig
                      Critter Hollow Tunnel / Hidey Combination
                      Availability: In Stock
                      Item #: CRITTERHOLLOW -

                        Pigloo in Blue
                        Plastic Pigloos - Igloos for guinea pigs
                        Availability: In Stock
                        Item #: PIGLOO -

                          Large Tropical Fiddlesticks for Guinea Pigs
                          Tropical Fiddle Sticks Bendable Tunnel/Bridge
                          Availability: In Stock
                          Item #: Tropical-Fiddle-Sticks-LG -

                            Christmas Stocking Cozy
                            Christmas Stocking Cozy in Red and White Fleece for guinea pigs
                            Availability: In Stock
                            Item #: CHRISTMAS-STOCKING -