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    A "MUST HAVE" in every cage! They can hide, they can run through, stays clean!

    Give your pigs a place to hide without taking up run-around room in the cage. They stay clean for a long time because the pigs aren't laying on it. Pick up the optional Potty Pad that goes with it for added comfort and to help keep your bedding cleaner longer.

    Item #: FOREST
    Availability: Made-to-Order
    Made by Cagetopia

    Easy-Care Fleece Forests

    There are a variety of approaches on how to do Fleece Forests, but we like this one the best--especially with our new design! No need to tie and untie strips to clean them. They stay on just fine!

    Why Use Fleece Forests?

    • They're cute!
    • Provide hidey space without taking up floor space -- they can run through them if they choose!
    • Less washing -- ours are cut to hang enough above the floor so as not to drag and get dirty very quickly
    • Amusement for your piggies -- most piggies really like them!
    • Versatile! With some creative grid placement, you can put them just about anywhere.

    What's Included?

    • 3 fabric sets: 1 patterned outer and 2 solid inner sections.

    If you want a different inner fabric for the Fleece Forest, please see the Fleece Forest Separates page.

    Please Note! The Grid is NOT included unless you add it in. Many people already have extra grids.

    Perfect For

    • Guinea Pigs
    • Hedgehogs
    • Ferrets


    The length of our Fleece Forest strips is 12.5 inches.

    Select your Options!


    • Foxes
    • Cookies
    • Boat Wheels
    • Sprinkles
    • Rainbow Paws
    • White Paws
    • Black Paws
    • Starry Night
    • Northern Lights
    • Lucky Stars
    • Bold Dots Green
    • Bold Dots Medium Blue
    • Racecars
    • Native Feathers
    • Cannabis
    • Ladybugs
    • Sketched Owls
    • Rainbows
    • Busy Bees
    • Rainbow Zebra
    • Tribal
    • Forest Friends
    • Bonfire Animals
    • Jungle Animals
    • Dino Camo
    • Pink Forest
    • Blue Forest
    • Leopard Spots
    • Zebra
    • Cow
    • Purple Leopard
    • Blue Camo
    • Pink Camo
    • Heart Showers
    • Heart Strings
    • Whales Pink
    • Sharks
    • Frogs
    • Kittens
    • Superman
    • Bat Signal
    • Sugar Skulls Black
    • Sugar Skulls Red
    • Rock Star
    • Kisses
    • Roses
    • Bird Love
    • Winter Wonderland
    • Christmas Dots
    • Funky Chevron
    • Wild Love
    • Red, White and Blue
    • Red/Green
    • Red/Turquoise
    • Orange/Fuschia
    • Lime/Yellow
    • Green/Lime
    • Aqua/Pink
    • Turquoise/Orange
    • Medium Blue/Green
    • Medium Blue/Fuschia
    • Blue/Orange
    • Blue/Purple
    • Blue/SoftBlue
    • Purple/Medium Blue
    • Purple/Lilac
    • Purple/Fuschia
    • Purple/Black
    • Pink/Gray
    • Fuschia/Lime
    • Fuschia/Pink
    • Brown/Taupe
    • Brown/Hunter Green
    • Charcoal/Gray
    • Black/Red
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Aqua
    • Lime
    • Green
    • Hunter Green
    • Soft Blue
    • Turquoise
    • Medium Blue
    • Blue
    • Navy
    • Lilac
    • Purple
    • Pink
    • Fuschia
    • Burgandy
    • Taupe
    • Dark Camel
    • Brown
    • Charcoal
    • Gray
    • White
    • Black
    • Pink Leopard

    Need the Top Grid?

    • White
    • Black

    Matching Potty Pad?


    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 17 Reviews:

    Our piggies love this!

    Our piggies really love this and sometimes fight over who gets the best spot underneath. They let us pick them up when they are in their forest. It's a must have.

    St Cloud, MN


    I am shocked how much Lilo and Eve enjoy their Fleece Forest. The love spending time in their and are more sociable with each other than they've ever been. Its so easy to reach in and give them a little love now and then too. I'm probably going to end up getting them a second one.

    Edmonton, AB

    Just great!

    Got this as a surprise gift for my birthday from my father who knows I love my 2 piggies. They both love to run through it and sleep in it, they pancake right out! Came with a cute birthday note too.

    Orange, Texas


    My guinea pigs love this. It is there favorite place to hide and it is very easy for them to run through it. I highly recommend the fleece forest.

    Cleveland Ohio

    May seem silly, but my piggies LOVE this!

    People think it looks silly, but at least one of my two guinea pigs are always hiding out in there! They love this their forest! Definitely recommend

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