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You will be creating a RESERVATION for your FLEECE order -- no payment needed yet.
When we are ready to process your order (in about a month and a half), we'll send an email that your order is "Ready-to-Pay". You are not obligated to complete your order. Only one open Reservation per person. Once paid, it may take 2-3 weeks to ship your order.
So, overall lead time to get your order is about 2 1/2 months right now. More info here.
Please note the CAGES STORE is separate and ships in 2-4 business days from ordering.

What are Fleece Flippers™?

Patent Pending (#61/712736)

Inside a Fleece Flipper


Open end of fleece flipper

Tucked in fleece flipper end

How do they Work?

The liners are folded over the Coroplast insert the long way (on the ends). The fleece case is pulled over the Coroplast insert and liners. The extra material at the end is simply folded under the panel or tucked into the liner and panel--which ever you prefer.