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Price: $21.99

    Nom Nom Nom, okay so your piggy can't eat this lettuce, but they sure will enjoy a delicious nap on it!

    Item #: LETTUCE
    Availability: Made-to-Order
    Made by Cagetopia

    Wheek, Wheek!

    There is nothing piggies love more than a delicious leaf of lettuce and they always let you know it! Let them lounge on this lettuce leaf while they munch on your real lettuce. Or take a nap with green lettuce dreams!

    Built for Two

    Although our Lettuce Loungers are big enough for two piggies, this Lettuce Lounger is a welcome treat for just one pigger, too!


    Of course our Lettuce Loungers are easy to wash. Just toss them in the washer and dryer.

    Creative Potty Pad

    Use a Lettuce Lounger as a Potty Pad in a desirable hang-out area. Put a Lettuce Lounger in those darker, "attractive-to-piggy" spots in your cage to help keep the rest of your fleece neater and cleaner!


    Measures 16" x 14" at the longest and widest points.

    Select your Options!


    • Lime Green
    • Grass Green
    • Hunter Green
    • Medium Blue
    • Fuschia
    • Purple
    • Orange


    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:
    Little River, SC

    Love the lettuce beds.

    I did not pay alot attention to size until I received the products. I was pleasantly surprised. My piggies loved lying on the bed. It is soft.


    My pigs' favorite thing!

    My guinea pigs love the lettuce lounger. I have only had it in the cage for a short amount of time, but they already use it more than anything else in the cage. It is by far their favorite thing in the cage now and I will definitely be getting more.


    Big Cushy Leafs!

    The lounger description says it can be for two piggies but you could probably fit three or four small piggies on these things! Much bigger than I expected, but the piggies love it, and I love how adorable they look in the cage.

    I will definitely be ordering more as I expand the cage.

    Medford, WI

    Lettuce Lounger (Fuschia)

    This item is another great purchase I made! So glad you came out with more colors, and would love to see more. This was a lot larger than I expected and will be buying more in time. You have such great products and love the quality you put into each item.


    Really like these!

    I got a couple and ordered another one. Nice and comfy and easy to machine wash and dry.

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