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    Nom Nom Nom, okay so your piggy can't eat this lettuce, but they sure will enjoy a delicious nap on it!

    Item #: LETTUCE
    Availability: Made-to-Order
    Made by Cagetopia

    Wheek, Wheek!

    There is nothing piggies love more than a delicious leaf of lettuce and they always let you know it! Let them lounge on this lettuce leaf while they munch on your real lettuce. Or take a nap with green lettuce dreams!

    Built for Two

    Although our Lettuce Loungers are big enough for two piggies, this Lettuce Lounger is a welcome treat for just one pigger, too!


    Of course our Lettuce Loungers are easy to wash. Just toss them in the washer and dryer.

    Creative Potty Pad

    Use a Lettuce Lounger as a Potty Pad in a desirable hang-out area. Put a Lettuce Lounger in those darker, "attractive-to-piggy" spots in your cage to help keep the rest of your fleece neater and cleaner!


    Measures 16" x 14" at the longest and widest points.

    Select your Options!


    • Lime Green
    • Grass Green
    • Hunter Green
    • Medium Blue
    • Fuschia
    • Purple
    • Orange


    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:

    Big Cushy Leafs!

    The lounger description says it can be for two piggies but you could probably fit three or four small piggies on these things! Much bigger than I expected, but the piggies love it, and I love how adorable they look in the cage.

    I will definitely be ordering more as I expand the cage.

    Medford, WI

    Lettuce Lounger (Fuschia)

    This item is another great purchase I made! So glad you came out with more colors, and would love to see more. This was a lot larger than I expected and will be buying more in time. You have such great products and love the quality you put into each item.


    Really like these!

    I got a couple and ordered another one. Nice and comfy and easy to machine wash and dry.

    Houston, Texas

    must be comfy because it is in USE all of the time

    I purchased 2 of these thinking that I could have 1 clean one ready to go...well that didn't work out because both of my piggies love the lettuce lounger so much they will have a bit of drama over it :) So I put the 2nd one in the cage and they are now super happy :)

    Orlando, FL


    This is a lot bigger than I thought but it is cute, soft and my guinea pigs love it. They 'popcorn'ed like crazy when I put this and the carrot cushion in.

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