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From the creator of C&C Cages and the team comes
another leap forward in easier guinea pig care
with Fleece Flippers for guinea pig cages!

Features and Benefits of Fleece Flippers™!

Amazing savings on
, resources and cost with happier piggies!

It's easy to move the panels around to extend the time needed between cleanings (it's like load balancing -- for our techie readers).

No need to wash an entire cage liner or bedspread just because one area is particularly dirty.

It's easy to turn over the panels when lightly soiled, extending the time between cleanings.

It's easy to brush hay, poos and debris from the panel without the fabric moving (no need to hold the fabric down while brushing!).

It's easy to vacuum up poos and debris from the panel without the fabric moving or getting sucked up by the vacuum.

Piggies can't burrow under or dig up the fleece.

No need to hold down or secure the edges or corners to prevent burrowing. Most folks use the rather ugly binder clips or go the extreme of lining the outside of the cage so that it is one giant fleece swimming pool.

No need for extra material on the side walls, either inside or out -- extra material costs money and resources.

No need to wash or dry any extra, unnecessary material on the side walls.

No need to replace an entire cage liner or bedspread when just one area is worn out.

Want to expand your cage? No need to buy a whole new liner when you just need an extra panel or two.

Remove absorbent layer (Uhaul pads) and wash separately if desired. Wash all absorbent layers together -- can be washed independently from the fleece, if desired.

Fleece wicks better when the material is taut!

Easier to dry the fleece and absorbent layers separately (different dry times, more economical).

No huge cage liner for the washer -- can wash in small batches, with an even weight distribution in the washer.

Use absorbent pads as needed -- 1 layer, 2 layers, even 3 layers of absorbent liners. Tailor to use area in your cage: light, medium or heavy!

Experiment with absorbent liners -- since they are removable and not 'sewn in,' you can use towels or other material at your discretion.

Last, but by no means least -- it is FUN!!

And when caring for your guinea pigs is fun,
it's a WIN/WIN for everyone!

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