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Meet the Guinea Pig Market Team

Our team is comprised of a great group of people that each do what we love to do! Our overriding mission is to provide great products for guinea pigs that bring joy and health to both the guinea pigs and their caretakers.

Jenny manages the Market store in Michigan. Jenny had previously run Jens Custom Crafts for five years where she successfully created a great variety of fleece and fabric products. She joined forces with Teresa Murphy in 2012 to help bring Teresa's Fleece Flipper product to market.


Jenny Sawyer

Jenny supports our team of Crafters and she works with Teresa on the overall product planning and development. The Market store currently operates out of Jenny's home in Michigan. Jenny, at 34, is a long-time animal lover as well as an accomplished crafter and seamstress. Their household is vegan and they have a lovely variety of rescued pets. Jenny is hard-working and passionate about what she does and it shows in the quality of work.



Jason, Jenny's husband, is an integral and key member of the Guinea Pig Market team. While Jason can and does do some of the sewing, he focuses more on the prepping and cutting, as well as packaging and shipping. There is a lot of fabric and supplies as well as finished goods being delivered by the rest of the team on a daily basis to be managed. Jason helps keep everything running smoothly!


Melissa of the Rat Stash

Melissa K. is a most excellent seamstress and crafter as well as a passionate animal advocate. She also runs The Rat Stash store which focuses on accessories for our related furry friends. Melissa lives in Oregon. She's vegan and volunteers at the local cat shelter every week and donates generously to rescues.



Laurie is Jenny's Mom and lives in Kentucky. Yes, it's a family affair, and that's a good thing. Laurie is new to the team, but helping out in a great way, as we know where Jenny got some of her skills from! Laurie is also new to trying out the vegan world. We think Jenny's been a good influence!



Renee is Jenny's younger sister (yes, it's a family affair!) who is learning from Mom and doing a fantastic job on helping us out with some of our wonderful fleece products. She's also a great animal lover and vegetarian.


September is a long-time childhood friend of Jenny and Missy (Jenny's sister). September was in the Navy and is now married to her husband who she met in the Navy (he's now a police officer). They live in Arizona and have a 2-year old daughter. September is a great asset to the team. Her work is fabulous and it's wonderful working someone you know you can count on!



Jeff is Jenny's Dad and also a valuable member of the team! Jeff lives nearby in Michigan and was a long-time pilot. His parents actually owned an airport. Now, he's a happily retired Grandparent with 3 cats and 2 dogs. Jeff has stepped up to help us with our workload on cutting Coroplast and cutting the UHaul pads for our Fleece Flippers and such.



And of course, Abby! Abby is Jenny and Jason's young daughter. Abby probably has to give up a little too much family time to the business, so we want to recognize her contribution. Also, Abby stamps the out-going packages with our "Guinea Pig Approved" rubber stamp! We all love Abby!

Teresa Murphy


Teresa Murphy, also known as Cavy Spirit in the guinea pig world, manages the ecommerce stores for the Market as well as the Guinea Pig Cages Store. Teresa also fields most of the customer service phone calls and always answers questions about guinea pigs as well as products and orders! Teresa is a long-time guinea pig rescuer and the inventor of the C&C Cages. She is a passionate advocate for the proper care and keeping of guinea pigs.

Teresa wanted to extend the product offering of guinea pig items beyond cages. It was and still is her vision to provide a way for other small crafters to get their products out to the greater guinea pig community. The products sold on Market are people and pet-tested and meet our very high quality standards.

One of the big challenges of selling hand-crafted items in a variety of fabrics and styles (in order to appeal to a wide variety of people over time) is keeping enough products in stock of that huge variety. Some of our products are sewn-to-order and some of our products are made ahead of time by various team members and shipped to us to put in inventory, ready to sell and ship.

We currently offer about 50 different fabrics and about 50 different products (in various styles and sizes). Imagine stocking 2500 times any number you think might be enough on hand to ship out right away and you can see the business challenge. This is why our team is pivotal to our success!

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