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Meet the Guinea Pig Market Team

Our team is comprised of a great group of people that each do what we love to do! Our overriding mission is to provide great products for guinea pigs that bring joy and health to both the guinea pigs and their caretakers.

Jenny manages the Market store in Michigan. Jenny had previously run Jens Custom Crafts for five years where she successfully created a great variety of fleece and fabric products. She joined forces with Teresa Murphy in 2012 to help bring Teresa's Fleece Flipper product to market.


Jenny Sawyer - Store Manager; Seamstress Extraordinaire

When Jenny isn’t busy juggling production, inventory, purchasing and product development for Guinea Pig Market, she enjoys being crafty and spending time with her many rescued fur children. She is vegan, loves cats and is a passionate animal rights activist. Jenny is the proud mom to Abby, and her passion in life is to create equality for all living beings. She believes that we should treat others the way that we would want to be treated.


Jason - Production & Warehousing

Jason is Jenny's husband and our jack-of-all-trades. He cuts, sews and packages orders. He also handles warehousing, inventory and all of our heavy lifting. He is a compassionate vegan and animal rights activist who loves cats, and also a “dad” to many rescued kitties, dogs and one very spoiled pig. Jason loves hockey (Go Red Wings!) and anything outdoors. He is a hardworking man that loves his family.


Abby - Shipping and Office Assistant

Abby, a vegan cat fanatic and animal rights activist, is the daughter to proud parents Jenny and Jason. When she isn’t busy saving the world, she helps package up orders for shipment. At 11 years old, Abby is now learning the skills of the sewing trade so she can join the team full force once she gets a bit older.


Laurie - Seamstress Extraordinaire

Laurie is Jenny's mom and sews the majority of our cozies and hideys. She has 6 children, is very active with her church and volunteers several days each week to help those that are less fortunate. Laurie is another vegan on our team, and also enjoys the company of several rescued dogs in her Kentucky home.


Renee - Seamstress Extraordinaire

Renee is Jenny's sister and a long time vegan. An avid animal lover, she is the proud mom to two puppies. She is going to school for cosmetology and lives with her boyfriend in Kentucky. Renee is quickly learning the ropes at Guinea Pig Market and helps Laurie sew the cozies and hideys.


Melissa B. - Seamstress Extraordinaire

Melissa is Jenny’s sister who also lives in Michigan. She helps us keep things moving by cutting uhaul and sewing many of our cage liners, flippers and potty pads. Melissa is vegetarian and in a happy relationship with her longtime boyfriend. She is the proud mom to several rescued cats and dogs, and loves to spend any extra time with her fur-babies.


Stefanie - Crafter Extraordinaire

Stefanie, Jason's sister, makes this a family affair by assembling all of our munchable toys. She is a proud mom to one amazing little boy and a plethora of rescued dogs, cats and even rats from time to time. Stefanie also lives in Michigan, and is a very handy crafter that is willing to tackle any task.


Amy - Seamstress Extraordinaire

Amy, also in Michigan, helps us keep the pace by sewing many of our flippers and potty pads. She is vegan and enjoys raising her wonderful vegan daughter Leah. Amy loves animals and is a passionate animal rights activist. She also is the proud mom to two sweet doggies and hopes to adopt more in the near future.


Melissa K. - Admin./Customer Support

Melissa helps customers find everything they need for happy, healthy and well spoiled guinea pigs. Once caffeinated, she may even assist with administrative shenanigans to keep things running smoothly. She is a long time vegan with a slew of disorderly misfits. When she isn’t loitering at the vet, Melissa enjoys hiking, sewing for The Rat Stash, and snuggling with her cats and rats.


Colin – Advertising & Marketing

Colin is the man behind our newsletters and snazzy advertising. If guinea pigs could talk, Colin would translate – and he would share their Wheekly musings for all the world to see. He resides in California and enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and daughter.

Teresa Murphy


Teresa, known as Cavy Spirit in the guinea pig world, is the mastermind behind our ever-expanding ecommerce websites for the Market and Guinea Pig Cages Store. She manages all technical support and fields most customer requests and questions. Teresa is a long-time guinea pig rescuer (and the inventor of the C&C Cages), who passionately advocates for the proper care and housing of all guinea pigs.

Teresa wanted to extend the product offering of guinea pig items beyond cages. It was and still is her vision to provide a way for other small crafters to get their products out to the greater guinea pig community. The products sold on Market are people and pet-tested and meet our very high quality standards.

One of the big challenges of selling hand-crafted items in a variety of fabrics and styles (in order to appeal to a wide variety of people over time) is keeping enough products in stock of that huge variety. Some of our products are sewn-to-order and some of our products are made ahead of time by various team members and shipped to us to put in inventory, ready to sell and ship.

We currently offer about 50 different fabrics and about 50 different products (in various styles and sizes). Imagine stocking 2500 times any number you think might be enough on hand to ship out right away and you can see the business challenge. This is why our team is pivotal to our success!

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