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    Stock up and Save with our six-pack of Potty Pads in a variety of sizes and colors-- great for cozies, stand-alone drip pads or heavily soiled areas.

    Potty Pads help keep cozies and fleece bedding clean between full cage cleanings and they also make great drip pads for water bottles. Simply place them in locations where piggies like to potty and replace once soiled. Extra Potty Pads means less work for you and a dryer cage for your piggies.

    Double Inner Lining

    Our extra pads come with two layers of Uhaul lining sewn in between the fleece casing. They are extra absorbent and very cushy for your cavies.

    Availability: Made-to-Order
    Made by Cagetopia

    *Photos are for pattern and color reference only and may show a shape different than the one you selected. The actual potty pads you receive will match your Size/Type selection.

    Multiple Sizes

    Piddle Packs are available in five sizes - 9.5" Round, 10"x10", 13"x13", Hearts or try our "assorted" pack for more flexibility.

    • 9.5" Round - Six 9.5" Round Potty Pads

    • 10"x10" - Six 10"x10" Potty Pads

    • 13"x13" - Six 13"x13" Potty Pads

    • Hearts - Six Hearts Potty Pads (about 13" x 13")

    • Assorted - One Potty Pad in each of these sizes:

      • 13"x13"

      • 12"x12"

      • 12"x10"

      • 10"x10"

      • 6.5"x4.5"

      • 9.5" Round

    Stylish Color Combinations

    You can also choose from six great color collections to match any decor. Please note that Potty Pads are made with the same color on both sides.

    • Playful Pastels (soft blue, aqua, lilac, pink, gray, white)

    • Busy Blues (aqua, soft blue, med. blue, blue, turquoise, navy)

    • Bright Bolds (orange, yellow, lime, med. blue, purple, fuchsia)

    • Regal Rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)

    • Cavy Classics (burgandy, hunter green, navy, brown, charcoal, black)

    • Rosy Blush (burgandy, red, fuchsia, pink, lilac, purple)

    Select your Options!

    Pack Color:

    • Playful Pastels
    • Busy Blues
    • Bright Bolds
    • Regal Rainbow
    • Cavy Classics
    • Rosy Blush

    View Color Collections in the product description.

    Piddle Pack Potty Pad Size:

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