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You will be creating a RESERVATION for your FLEECE order -- no payment needed yet.
When we are ready to process your order (in about a month and a half), we'll send an email that your order is "Ready-to-Pay". You are not obligated to complete your order. Only one open Reservation per person. Once paid, it may take 2-3 weeks to ship your order.
So, overall lead time to get your order is about 2 1/2 months right now. More info here.
Please note the CAGES STORE is separate and ships in 2-4 business days from ordering.

Our Cancellation Policy

Please contact us right away if you need to change or cancel your order. We strive to fulfill orders as soon as possible and often begin cutting Made-To-Order products the same day orders are paid. We work hard to accommodate all customer needs, however, a 15% restocking fee may apply to any Made-To-Order items (most fleece items) once "In Production" even if canceled before we ship them. A 3% fee also applies to any partial or full cancellations since our merchant processor no longer reimburses transaction fees on any money we refund to you.

Any Problem with your Order?

Please let us know right away. If we made a mistake or missed something on your order, please contact us and we will correct it immediately at no cost to you.

Our Return Policy

Returns are accepted based on the guidelines below within 14 days of receipt. You must first obtain an RMA code (Return Merchandise Authorization) prior to sending back any products. Please contact us for an RMA.

The product condition must be

  • NO HAIR, HAY, PERFUMES or any evidence of USE.

Shipping Charges

You will be credited for price paid of the products -- less any shipping charges . You are responsible for shipping the product back to us. If it's our mistake, we will take care of it.


  • 15% restocking fee on ALL FLEECE ITEMS.2
  • 3% payment processing fee - Our merchant processor no longer reimburses transaction fees on any money we refund to you. Therefore a 3% fee applies to any returned items.
  • FOOD, HAY, EDIBLE TOYS, and CUSTOM FLEECE ITEMS are NOT RETURNABLE. This includes any fleece item where a CUSTOM 2nd Fabric was chosen, such as Fleece Flippers, Fleece Cases, Cage Liners, Hideys and Potty Pads.

RETURN Instructions

A couple important points before shipping back any products.

  • The most important step is to put your information INSIDE the box on a sheet of paper easily visible when opening the box. Be absolutely sure to provide your name and RMA#. If you don't include this information it could delay your refund, or worse, you may not be credited at all if we don't know who you are. Simply print out the email correspondence with Jenny or Teresa when you received your RMA if you can.
  • Packing the Coroplast for return: Please do NOT fold the coroplast panels if you are returning Coroplast Inserts for Fleece Flippers. We cannot refund them if they are bent, folded or not as originally sent.
  • Once received and determined to be in salable condition, we will notify you of receipt via email. You will be credited the purchase price of items returned -- less any shipping charges and discounts given.
  • Email to obtain your RMA number so we can properly credit you.
  • Please ship back to:

    ATTN: RETURNS, Jenny Sawyer
    15319 Imlay City Road
    Mussey, MI 48014-2406

1 Attention SMOKERS! We will not refund the purchase of any products smelling of smoke. We have to dispose of it.

2 We have to charge a restocking fee on our Fleece products. We offer a LOT of items and sizes in a LOT of fabrics to give you the best choices possible. We don't have these hundreds of combinations sitting on warehouse shelves waiting to be pulled and shipped. We basically make them as we get orders. So, once made, they might sit somewhere for months and months (tying up our money and space) before another person decides to buy that exact combination or fabric. This is costly for us and we make every effort to keep our costs down so that we don't have to have higher prices to make up for it. Thank you for understanding.