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Get Bedding Right The First Time

Please DOUBLE CHECK fleece bedding sizing BEFORE you order, using our Sizing Guides below. A quick review before purchase can prevent delays and extra expenses for Returns. If you aren't sure, Contact Us. We're happy to help!

First Time Using Fleece Bedding?

Be sure to read the following information to decide if fleece bedding is a good fit:

Cage Liners Explained

Cage Liners can be the easier option. They are like one big blanket all sewn together, with fleece on the outside and two layers of absorbent uhaul fabric in between. You simply set them in the cage, brush/shake them off when dirty and then toss them in the washer/dryer. They are easier and faster to clean, but they do not allow for the possibility of cleaning just a portion of the cage at a time.

Cage Liners

Fleece Flippers Explained

Fleece Flippers™ can be the more economical option. They are a series of panels that sit side by side in the base of the cage. Each panel consists of a hard coroplast insert, a double layer of uhaul fabric that wraps around the insert, and then all of that slips into the fleece case. The assembled panels are placed in the cage base, which allows you to clean just a portion of the cage if certain areas get dirtier than others. They require more time and effort to use, but they offer many benefits over other bedding. See our Fleece Flippers in action here.

Fleece Flippers


Select The Proper Bedding For Your Cage

Use the sizing guides below to find the correct bedding for your cage, which depends on your Hybrid Bedding Strategy and Kitchen size for the lower level. If prompted, always select your ACTUAL cage size to ensure a proper fit, since Fleece Flipper coroplast panels are cut to slightly different widths for every cage size.

2x3, 2x3.5, 2x4 etc., ALL REFER TO GRIDS NOT FEET

Base Size:

My Kitchen Size Is:

My Kitchen Size Is:

My Kitchen Size Is:

My Kitchen Size Is:

My Kitchen Size Is:

Upper Levels:

My Loft Size Is:

My LOOP Loft Size Is:

My Patio Size Is:

Got Ramps? We've Got You Covered!

Add stylish protection with our easy-to-wash Ramp Covers, which are designed to fit the ramps available at Optional ramp coverage is available on all upper level Fleece Flippers and Cage Liners at a discounted price, or you can find our Ramp Covers here. They are a fun way to add decor coordination and provide easy-to-wash traction for piggies using the ramp. The sidewall covers not only look great, but they help prevent unwanted chewing of the walls of the ramp.

Don't See Your Cage Listed?

We strive to provide bedding that fits most standard C&C cage sizes AND meets the minimum cage requirements needed for happy and healthy guinea pigs. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we are unable to offer custom sizing. Also, if your cage is smaller than 30" x 44", we highly recommend upgrading to larger cage. Fleece gets messy way too fast in smaller cages and guinea pigs need adequate room to exercise and play. Why so big? We're glad you asked!