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From the creator of C&C Cages and the team comes
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Chili Pepper Pad

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Chili Pepper Plush Bed
Price: $17.99
    Made by: Cagetopia®

    Spicy Piggy Dreams!

    Your piggy will love snuggling into this curvacious Chili Pepper Plush Bed. The gentle curves and padding will make this soft bed a favorite with your piggers.


    Of course our Plush Beds are easy to wash. Just toss them in the washer and dryer.

    Creative Potty Pad

    Use a Chili Pepper Pad as a Potty Pad in a desirable hang-out area. Put a Chili Pepper Pad in those darker, "attractive-to-piggy" spots in your cage to help keep the rest of your fleece neater and cleaner!


    Measures 19" x 10" at the longest and widest points.

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