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Heavenly Hay Bag

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Bat Signal Hay Bag
Heavenly Hay Bag in Leopard fabric
Zebra Heavenly Hay Bag
Hay Bag in Cow Fabric for Guinea Pigs' Cages
Fall Leaves Hay Bag
Haybag in Gingerbread Men
Kochinas Hay Bag
Watermelon Seeds Hay Bag for Guinea Pigs
Chili Peppers Heavenly Hay Bag
Haybag in Lime Swirl for guinea pigs
Bat Signal Hay Bag
Paws Heavenly Hay Bag for Guinea Pigs
Zombies Hay Bag
Constellations Hay Bag
Frogs Hay Bag
Whales Hay Bag
Pink Flowers Heavenly Hay Bag
Birch Forest Hay Bag
Cupcakes Hay Bag
Pumpkins Hay Bag
Heavenly Hay Bag in Bats and Skulls fabric
Heavenly Hay Bag in Candy Corn fabric
Haybag in Snowman
Peppermint Hay Bag
Haybag in Blue Snowflakes
Heavenly Hay Bag Trio
Price: $24.99

    Heavenly Hay Bag

    Soft, fabric hay bags/sacks for your guinea pigs! Easy-access openings for your piggies.

    You Get

    • 1 Cotton-fabric Heavenly Hay Bag with Metal Grommets
    • 2 Metal Lanyard Hooks


    • Approx. 13" wide x 9" tall.
    • The triangle openings are just shy of 3" from top to bottom, and just shy of 3" from side to side.

    Keep Fleece Neat

    These Heavenly Hay Bags help keep your cage neat by containing the hay better than traditional metal hay racks with a lot of openings. No muss, no fuss! Keep your fleece easier to clean up with less hay strands floating around.

    And because there is a solid fabric back to the Heavenly Hay Bag, hay won't be falling out and over the back wall of your cage. Much neater!

    Made by: Cagetopia®

    Fabric Choice
    Black Chevron Blue Snowflakes Gingerbread Men Snowman Ornaments
    Strawberries Blueberries Corn Hedgehogs
    Turtles Peacock Feathers Penguins Peppermint Swirl
    Galaxy Bat Signal Zombies Cow
    Zebra Fabric Cupcakes Bats and Skulls Pink Flowers
    Chili Peppers Fabric Candy Corn Pumpkins Whales Fabric
    Kochinas Fall Leaves Green Camo

    Flexible Placement

    Unlike traditional hay racks, you can get very creative in where you place our Heavenly Hay Bags -- across a corner, high, low -- wherever it works for you and your piggies.

    Help with Allergies

    Because there is less exposed hay in our Heavenly Hay Bag than traditional metal hay racks, there is less hay dust and pollen exposed to the air. Help keep the people healthy and your piggies healthy and happy, too!

    Easy to Clean

    You can toss in the washer and dryer when needed -- just remove the hooks.

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