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Price: $5.99

    This bright and nice dust pan and broom will get the job done. The bristles are stiff and the dust pan isn't too big to manuever around the cage. You'll be able to brush off debris and most hair.
    Item #: DUST
    Availability: In Stock..

    Make Cage Cleaning Fun!

    Dedicate a nice dustpan and whiskbroom to cleaning your cage. Stop looking around the house when it's time to clean the cage. Keep it handy next to your cage in your Cage Cubby Bin underneath the cage or hook it on the outside of the cage. The bristles are nice and stiff and will easily sweep up hay and poos from your fleece.

    Pick a pretty color to match your cage decor and enjoy cleaning more!


    10" brush and 11" x 8" pan

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    Dust Pan Color

    • Orange
    • White


    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:
    Leesburg, Florida


    These brushes work VERY well with fleece, and are great when cleaning up floor time! They have a metal clip on the side of them, which can easily be hung from a cage for easy access. Multiple colors are available, which means it'll look nice however your cage is. The poo gets stuck to the bristles sometimes, but is easily removed by light banging on the side of a trash can.

    United States

    A must have

    I got this with a set of fleece flippers and everyone who switches to fleece needs a dedicated brush and dustpan for cleaning up poops. I do this 2-3 times a day to keep the cage nice and clean. If you currently use paper or wood bedding, you will be surprised how much your guinea pig poops. My one thing that I don't like is sometimes poops will stick to the brush, but if I bang it against the side of the trash can, they come off.

    Los Angeles, CA

    Looks basic? Think again.

    This set is perfect for cleaning fleece. The bristles are just the right stiffness to really remove all that hay and bedding from your fleece before washing. I use this set every single day, twice a day. Get it!

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