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Dustpan and Broom

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Dustpans and Broom in Assorted Colors
Dustpan and Brush in Yellow
Dustpan and Brush in Mint
Dustpan and Broom in Lime
Dustpan in Sky Blue
Blue Dustpan and Whiskbroom set
Dustpan in Navy
Orange Dustpan and broom
Dustpan and Broom in Red
Dustpan and Brush in Magenta
Dustpan and Brush in Pink
Teal Dustpan and Whiskbroom Set
Purple Dust Pan and Broom
Silver Dustpan and Whiskbroom Set
Black Dustpan and Whiskbroom Set
Dustpans and Broom in Assorted Colors
Price: $4.99
    Made by: Misc

    Pan Color
    Lime Red Magenta Blue

    Make Cleaning Fun!

    Dedicate a nice dustpan and whiskbroom to cleaning your cage. Stop looking around the house when it's time to clean the cage. Keep it handy next to your cage in your Cage Cubby Bin underneath the cage or hook it on the outside of the cage. The bristles are nice and stiff and will easily sweep up hay and poos from your fleece.

    Pick a pretty color to match your cage decor and enjoy cleaning more!

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