Price: $31.00

    This Fleece Flipper™ set is designed to fit the RECESSED ramp narrow upper loft available on our cages store.

    1 Fleece Flipper™ and 1 small pad

    This Fleece Flipper is designed specifically for our small (1x2 grid) UPPER LOFT with one recessed ramp.

    These WILL NOT fit the Narrow Loft LOOP, which has two recessed ramps. We offer the Narrow Loft Loop Cage Liner for that item.

    Item #: FF02100
    Availability: Made-to-Order
    Made by Cagetopia

    You Get

    • 1 fleece case, patterned on one side, solid on the other
    • 1 reversible small pad (no coroplast) with sewn-in lining which goes in front of the ramp area
    • 2 double-long, Uhaul absorbent lining pads
    • 1 rounded-corner white Coroplast insert


    • Fleece Case is 25" x 13"
    • Small Fleece Pad is 6.5" x 4.75"
    • UHaul Pad is 31.5" x 12.75"
    • Coroplast insert is 21.25" x 12.25"

    Please note that this is for the loft style with the recessed ramp. If you have a different version, please email us.

    Generous for Shrinkage

    Our UHaul pads are cut on the generous side to allow for initial shrinkage during washing.

    Ultimate bedding coverage!

    Fleece Flippers™ outperform ALL bedding options for your money!

    • Move them around!
    • Flip them over!
    • Wash independently as needed!

    More info on Fleece Flippers™ |
    Videos of Fleece Flippers™ in Action |
    Awesome Features and Benefits

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    • Foxes
    • Cookies
    • Boat Wheels
    • Sprinkles
    • Rainbow Paws
    • White Paws
    • Black Paws
    • Starry Night
    • Northern Lights
    • Lucky Stars
    • Bold Dots Green
    • Bold Dots Medium Blue
    • Racecars
    • Native Feathers
    • Cannabis
    • Ladybugs
    • Sketched Owls
    • Rainbows
    • Busy Bees
    • Rainbow Zebra
    • Tribal
    • Forest Friends
    • Jungle Animals
    • Dino Camo
    • Pink Forest
    • Blue Forest
    • Leopard Spots
    • Zebra
    • Cow
    • Purple Leopard
    • Blue Camo
    • Pink Camo
    • Heart Showers
    • Heart Strings
    • Whales
    • Frogs
    • Kittens
    • Superman
    • Bat Signal
    • Sugar Skulls Black
    • Sugar Skulls Red
    • Rock Star
    • Kisses
    • Roses
    • Bird Love
    • Winter Wonderland
    • Christmas Dots
    • Funky Chevron
    • Red/Green
    • Red/Turquoise
    • Orange/Fuschia
    • Lime/Yellow
    • Green/Lime
    • Aqua/Pink
    • Turquoise/Orange
    • Medium Blue/Green
    • Medium Blue/Fuschia
    • Blue/Orange
    • Blue/Purple
    • Blue/SoftBlue
    • Purple/Medium Blue
    • Purple/Lilac
    • Purple/Fuschia
    • Purple/Black
    • Pink/Gray
    • Fuschia/Lime
    • Fuschia/Pink
    • Brown/Taupe
    • Brown/Hunter Green
    • Charcoal/Gray
    • Black/Red
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Aqua
    • Lime
    • Green
    • Hunter Green
    • Soft Blue
    • Turquoise
    • Medium Blue
    • Blue
    • Navy
    • Lilac
    • Purple
    • Pink
    • Fuschia
    • Burgandy
    • Taupe
    • Dark Camel
    • Brown
    • Charcoal
    • Gray
    • White
    • Black
    • Pink Leopard

    Custom Alternate Fabric?

    Note: custom combinations are not returnable.

    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Convenient and will save $$$!

    I bought two of these in addition to a set of 6 regular fleece flippers so I would have an extra on hand while one was being washed. At first we tried having bedding just in the loft to act as a 'kitchen' but I'm glad we changed our minds and used fleece for the loft instead...they were tracking waste, shavings and hay up and down the ramp and it was generally much messier! Very easy to brush off and it's paying itself back very quickly in terms of saving $ on other bedding. Great purchase!


    another great product

    I bought this fleece upper deck flipper for our c & c cage and I love it. I just bought two more. Having extras will make life easier. Our guinea pigs like to eat,drink, poop etc... on the upper deck so I need to wash that fleece flipper more often then the others. I highly recommend getting more then one.

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