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From the creator of C&C Cages and the team comes
another leap forward in easier guinea pig care
with Fleece Flippers for guinea pig cages!
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Fleece Flippers for Midwest Cages

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Midwest Cage with Fleece Flippers
Zebra Fleece Flippers, set of 3
Midwest Cage with Fleece Flippers
Midwest Cage with Fleece Flippers
Midwest Cage with COROPLAST INSERT
Midwest Cage with COROPLAST INSERT and cozies
Midwest Cage with COROPLAST INSERT
Bold Dots Green Fleece Flipper Set
Bold Dots Blue Fleece Flipper Set
Bonfire Animals Fleece Flipper Set
White Paws Fleece Flipper Set
Black Paws Fleece Flipper Set
Cows Fleece Flipper Set
Green Whales Fleece Flipper Set
Pink Whales Fleece Flipper Set
Sharks Fleece Flipper Set
Roses Fleece Flipper Set
Tribal Fleece Flipper Set
Native American Fleece Flipper Set
Jungle Fleece Flipper Set
Dino Camo Fleece Flipper Set
Bat Signal Fleece Flipper Set
Zebra Fleece Flipper Set
Leopard Spots Fleece Flipper Set
Giraffe Fleece Flipper Set
Rock Star Fleece Flipper Set
Red Sugar Skulls Fleece Flipper Set
Black Sugar Skulls Fleece Flipper Set
Pink Camo Fleece Flipper Set
Blue Camo Fleece Flipper Set
Clouds Fleece Flipper Set
Bird Love Fleece Flipper Set
Tweety Fleece Flipper Set
Kittens Fleece Flipper Set
Fiesta Fleece Flipper Set
Pinecones Fleece Flipper Set
Winter Wonderland Fleece Flipper Set
Cardinals Fleece Flipper Set
Christmas Dots Fleece Flipper Set
Poinsettia Fleece Flipper Set
Close up of lining and coroplast

Set of 3 Fleece Flippers™

Our set of 3 Fleece Flippers™ fits the Midwest Guinea Pig Cage -- with or without our custom Coroplast base insert (available on our Cages Store).

Price: $87.99

    You Get

    • 3 fleece cases, patterned on one side, solid on the other
    • 6 double-long, Uhaul absorbent lining pads
    • 3 rounded-corner white Coroplast inserts


    • Fleece Case is 26.5" x 16"
    • UHaul Pad is 48" x 17.5"
    • Coroplast insert is 22.25" x 15"

    Generous for Shrinkage

    Our UHaul pads are cut on the generous side to allow for initial shrinkage during washing.

    Ultimate bedding coverage!

    Fleece Flippers™ outperform ALL bedding options for your money!

    • Move them around!
    • Flip them over!
    • Wash independently as needed!

    More info on Fleece Flippers™ |
    Videos of Fleece Flippers™ in Action |
    Awesome Features and Benefits

    Made by: Cagetopia®

    Bold Dots Green Bold Dots Blue Black Paws White Paws
    Rock Star Native American Tribal Bonfire Animals
    Pink Forest Blue Forest Blue Camo Pink Camo
    Leopard Spots Giraffe Pink Leopard Purple Leopard
    Pinecones Cow Zebra Winter Wonderland
    Roses Sharks Bird Love Christmas Dots
    Heart Showers Heart Strings Clouds Kisses
    Superman Bat Signal Sugar Skulls Black Sugar Skulls Red
    Whales Green Whales Frogs Kittens
    Dino Camo Jungle Animals Soccer Tweety Bird
    Fiesta Matryoshka Owls Wild Love Feathers
    Frog Princess Silver Dots Cardinals Poinsettia
    Lime/Yellow Green/Lime Turquoise/Orange Medium Blue/Green
    Medium Blue/Fuschia Blue/Purple Blue/SoftBlue Purple/Lilac
    Purple/Black Purple/Fuschia Fuschia/Pink Pink/Gray
    Black/Red Charcoal/Gray Red Orange
    Yellow Gold Aqua Lime
    Green Hunter Green Soft Blue Turquoise
    Medium Blue Blue Navy Lilac
    Purple Pink Fuschia Burgandy
    Taupe Dark Camel Brown Charcoal
    Gray White Black

    Prefer Your Own Look?

    Customize Your Combo!

    Optional: Customize the Alternate Fabric:

    Choose your own alternating fabric rather than our standard combinations or all solids.
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    Item #: FF05300
    Availability: Made-to-Order
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