Price: $126.00

    The set is designed to fit a 2x5 grid-sized cage (XL)

    Set of 5 Fleece Flippers™

    Our set of 5 Fleece Flippers™ is a perfect fit for a standard size 2x5 grids Cubes and Coroplast Cage! If your cage is 27" x 72", then this set will work great!

    Item #: FF01500-2x3
    Availability: Made-to-Order
    Made by Cagetopia

    Ultimate bedding coverage!

    Fleece Flippers™ outperform ALL bedding options for your money!

    • Move them around!
    • Flip them over!
    • Wash independently as needed!

    More info on Fleece Flippers™ |
    Videos of Fleece Flippers™ in Action |
    Awesome Features and Benefits

    Generous for Shrinkage

    Our UHaul pads are cut on the generous side to allow for initial shrinkage during washing.

    You Get

    • 5 fleece cases, in your chosen fabric combination
    • 10 double-long, Uhaul absorbent lining pads
    • 5 rounded-corner white Coroplast inserts


    • Fleece Case is 31" x 14"
    • UHaul Pad is 54" x 14"
    • Coroplast insert is 26.75" x 14"

    Select your Options!

    My Cage Size is

    We CUT the Coroplast panels slightly differently for each cage size. Checking the cage size does NOT mean that you are automatically getting enough Flippers for that cage. Order the proper number of Flippers for your cage.


    • Pandas
    • Orange Flowers
    • Hedgehogs
    • Rubber Duckies
    • Sketched Owls
    • Elephants
    • Jungle Animals
    • Cannabis
    • Foxes
    • Forest Friends
    • Cookies
    • Sprinkles
    • Ladybugs
    • Disco Dots
    • Bold Dots Medium Blue
    • Bold Dots Green
    • Northern Lights
    • Starry Night
    • Lucky Stars
    • Boat Wheels
    • White Paws
    • Rainbow Paws
    • Black Paws
    • Rainbow Zebra
    • Cow
    • Zebra
    • Leopard Spots
    • Pink Camo
    • Blue Forest
    • Pink Forest
    • Rainbows
    • Heart Showers
    • Kisses
    • Superman
    • Sugar Skulls Red
    • Sugar Skulls Black
    • Christmas Dots
    • Winter Wonderland
    • Wild Cardinals
    • Red/Green
    • Red/Turquoise
    • Orange/Fuschia
    • Lime/Yellow
    • Green/Lime
    • Aqua/Pink
    • Turquoise/Orange
    • Medium Blue/Green
    • Medium Blue/Fuschia
    • Blue/Orange
    • Blue/Purple
    • Blue/SoftBlue
    • Purple/Medium Blue
    • Purple/Lilac
    • Purple/Fuschia
    • Purple/Black
    • Pink/Gray
    • Fuschia/Lime
    • Fuschia/Pink
    • Brown/Taupe
    • Brown/Hunter Green
    • Charcoal/Gray
    • Black/Red
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Aqua
    • Lime
    • Green
    • Hunter Green
    • Soft Blue
    • Turquoise
    • Medium Blue
    • Blue
    • Navy
    • Lilac
    • Purple
    • Pink
    • Fuschia
    • Burgandy
    • Taupe
    • Brown
    • Charcoal
    • Gray
    • White
    • Black

    Custom Alternate Fabric?

    Note: custom combinations are not returnable.

    Add a set of spares?

    Get a set of spares for laundering now and save! Coroplast panels NOT included. Includes the fleece case and 2 gray liners for each panel in the set. You can choose a new fabric pattern.


    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 14 Reviews:

    Love them!!

    I got the set of five for my 2x5 cage, and not only do I love them, but the ones who really matter also love them. I'm not good at using fleece so these being precut and fitted were perfect. I got the initial flippers, 2 other sets of fleece covers and one extra set of uhaul pads. I don't expect to get sick anytime soon, but if I am stuck in bed anytime soon the boys will be set on bedding lol.


    These will change your life.

    I've had these for a long while now and have gotten additional colors over time. Just ordered two more sets of the fleece cases, just to switch things up. All of mine remain in great condition despite being put through their paces by my pigs and my washing machine. In terms of convenience of use, it blows my mind to think I used to just use a single piece of fleece over towels. I don't know how we got lucky enough to have guinea pig entrepreneurs over here churning out products like this for such a niche need, but thank your lucky stars and hit that "checkout" button. You will not regret it.

    St. Louis, MO

    Love the switch to Fleece

    We recently switched from paper bedding to the fleece flippers and so far we love it. We decided to go with a hybrid solution...Cavy Kitchen on one end with paper bedding and flippers everywhere else. Our 2 guys mostly poo and pee in the kitchen area since it is where their hay, pellets and water bottles are located.

    Clean up is pretty easy...a few minutes in the morning and evening sweeping up a little poo. I spent more time cleaning up with paper bedding...I was greeted most mornings with bedding all over the floor and their cage a disaster. Right now we are going about 4 days before we have to flip and 7 to 8 days between full cleaning. There is noticeably less smell from the cage and our guys have not sneezed once since the switch. They love to run around the cage and can now getting a better footing on the fleece....our sweet little guy Sherlock was not a fan of running on the paper bedding since he would slip and slide everywhere.


    I love the Fleece Flipper's

    They are amazing, I had a 2x5 and enlarged to a 2x8. My Fleece Flipper's are so easy to put together (board/2 pieces U haul and just slide the Fleece cover over, so easy). With my Stick Vacuum clean up is a breeze or dust pan, but getting under my wide loft the Stick Vacuum makes it really easy. I also love that I can wash the three outer ones (under the Fleece Forest and wide loft) that they sleep/use the most, and put them back in the middle, flip and flop and keep clean very easy. I don't have to wash all eight of them at the same time, which makes washing really nice and easy. I just love them. For their wide loft I use the paper litter/bedding and they use that the most for going to poop and pee. Makes the litter last a long, long time.


    Love my Flippers!

    I just got my flipper system rolling a few days ago. I had been using disposable bedding and absolutely hated having to go to the pet store and buy a new bag every couple of weeks. These flippers totally solve that problem. They look amazing, control the smell, are comfy for my piggies, and are so versatile. I just flipped all of my flippers over after 3 and a half days and it's like I have a whole new cage! New colors and patterns everywhere, it's awesome. Highly recommend.

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