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Price: $6.57

    Item #: L01000
    Availability: In Stock..
    Made by Cagetopia

    What's Included?

    One layer of Uhaul pad lining, measuring 54" x 14". Use these as replacements or to test out!

    Please note that our Fleece Flippers come standard with TWO liners per Fleece Flipper panel.




     Price Each 


    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Shrinks a lot

    These work great. They are cut to account for shrinking but they continue to shrink. After a few washes the liner is no longer wide enough to cover my board. I make them work. Good at absorbing oee

    Bay Area, CA

    Works Great!

    Each piece for the fleece flipper is cut a little bigger so that when you wash it and it shrinks, it will fit just right. I didn't wash it before use and it's fine too. It's not like fleece that needs to be washed before it works.

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