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Price: $50.99

    Our Flippin' Fun Futon in our S'MORES style!

    Item #: FUTON-SMORES
    Availability: Made-to-Order
    Made by Cagetopia

    You Get

    • Stuffed arm set
    • Seat, Back & Canopy Fleece
    • Seat, Back & Canopy Liners (2 UHaul pads)
    • Coroplast insert
    • Potty Pad
    • Scallop trim

    Flat Dimensions

    • 12.5" Wide
    • 28" Long when flat

    Campin' Out Cavies!

    Warm, toasty and inviting, futons are a hit with piggies everywhere.

    S'Mores Futons are made contrasting Brown, Taupe and White.

    Each piece can be removed and replaced with other colors or fabrics and washed independently.

    The main part is assembled like a Fleece Flipper and so provides two layers of Uhaul lining in addition to the Potty Pad on top, which also adds two layers of UHaul lining! Soft, absorbent and snuggly for your guinea pig.

    The way it's assembled, the front edge is a little higher, providing the angle that is just right for guinea pig happiness!

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    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
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    Newport Beach, CA

    So cute and the pigs love it

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Fair warning, the futon does take up a bit of space, even in our 4x2 C&C cage. Even so, it's very cute and the pigs love to climb on it to eat dinner or snacks. It's also a great place to hide snacks for pig enrichment. They don't nap on it so far (preferring the magic muff or the fleece forest), but they do love to jump on it when doing zoomies.

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