Cage Accessories and Toys for Rats

Custom Cozies, Accessories and Edible Toys for Rats!

From chew toys to cozy cage accessories, we've got you covered. We also have basic supplies for those just getting started. See our shopping guide below for properly spoiled rats!

Cozies and Hideys for Rats!

Rats love to snuggle and burrow, so our custom Cozies and Hideys are a great addition to any rat cage. You can add some fleece strips or Fleece Puffs to burrow in for extra warmth.

Please note: If your rats are heavy chewers, you might be better off with our plastic hideys. We also recommend offering a variety of Munchable Toys to appeal to their natural desire to chew.

Shop Our Hideys and Cozies for Rats:
Comfy Cozy in Sharks

Price: $28.99

Square Bed in Thankful with one guinea pig

Price: $26.24

Fleece Forest in Rainbow Zebra

Price: $15.99

Corner Cabin in Sketched Owls

Price: $40.99

Hidey Hut in Rainbows

Price: $43.99

Zebra Futon

Price: $33.99

Rattie Beds, Drip Pads and Covers

Our colorful Plush Beds are perfect for giving little feet a rest. For larger cages (like Ferret/Critter Nation cages) our Picnic Awning can double as a large hammock to lounge in. We also sell Potty Pads which work great for absorbing drips under water bottles, and Lap Pads which can protect laps and furniture during rattie "out time".

Shop Our Plush Beds, Pads and Covers for Rats:
Lettuce Lounger - Mixed Greens!

Price: $17.99

Mult-colored BellPepper Plush Beds

Price: $17.99

Chili Pepper Plush Bed

Price: $17.99

Lap Pad

Price: $32.99

Potty Pad in Rainbow Paws

Price: $9.50

Pillow Pad in Rainbow Zebra

Price: $11.50

Picnic Awning in Bat Signal

Price: $19.99

Basic Supplies

Don't forget the essentials. Our food bowls, water bottles and cleaning supplies will help provide the basics. Our Starter Kits are also a great gift for first time rattie parents.

Enticing Toys for Gnawty Rats

Chew Toys are a great addition to any rat cage! Did you know that rat incisors are specialized for gnawing and grow continuously throughout their entire lives? While rats grind their teeth to keep them sharp, chew toys are an enriching way to appeal to their natural gnawing instincts and help keep teeth worn down. Toys also provide much needed environmental enrichment, which encourages rats to become more active and inquisitive.

Shop Our Toys for Rats:
Eco Chew munchable toy for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $16.99

Jester toy for guinea pigs - edible with hay

Price: $11.99

Circus Pop Edible toy items for guinea pigs

Price: $4.99

Guinea Pig Toy - Heavenly Harvest Bell

Price: $11.99

Zen Nibbler Chew Toy for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $16.99

DayDream Delight Toy for Guinea Pigs

Price: $14.99

Spinwheel snacker toy for guinea pigs and small pets

Price: $11.99

Cagetopia's Playful Playmat for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $18.99

DayDream Delight toy for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $18.99

3 cute hay popper edible toys for guinea pigs

Price: $6.99

Wheeker Wreath Chew Toy

Price: $18.99

Snowman Snacker

Price: $16.99

Toy Ticklers Toy Bundle for Guinea Pigs

Price: $16.99

Piggy Power Toy Bundle for Guinea Pigs

Price: $49.99