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Chew Toys for Birds

Safe, Custom Chew Toys for Birds!

Our colorful, fun chew toys aren't just for guinea pigs. They are all "bird approved", and filled with delicious natural materials, edible herbs, fresh orchard grass and hay.

Happy Birds Need Engaging Treats and Toys

Providing opportunities to forage and a wide variety of challenging activities is crucial to the mental and physical health of your bird. In the wild, birds spend most of their day nesting, foraging and playing. Captive birds rely on us to provide the physical and mental challenges they require. Foraging and chewing keeps their beaks in prime condition, and physical activity keeps their muscles strong and minds engaged. When these needs are not met, many birds begin to show depressive behaviors including biting, screaming and feather picking. Keep your birds happy and healthy with our natural toys, featuring an assortment of colors, textures and edible treats for your bird to explore and enjoy!

Shop Our Toys for Birds:
Eco Chew munchable toy for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $19.99

Zen Nibbler Chew Toy for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $19.99

Jester toy for guinea pigs - edible with hay

Price: $14.50

Circus Pop Edible toy items for guinea pigs

Price: $5.99

Guinea Pig Toy - Heavenly Harvest Bell

Price: $14.50

DayDream Delight Toy for Guinea Pigs

Price: $17.99

Spinwheel snacker toy for guinea pigs and small pets

Price: $14.50

Cagetopia's Playful Playmat for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $22.99

DayDream Delight toy for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $22.99

3 cute hay popper edible toys for guinea pigs

Price: $8.99

Wheeker Wreath Chew Toy

Price: $22.99

Snowman Snacker

Price: $19.99

Toy Ticklers Toy Bundle for Guinea Pigs

Price: $20.99

Piggy Power Toy Bundle for Guinea Pigs

Price: $58.99

Basic Supplies:

Spice things up with our colorful crocks and cleaning supplies.

Shop Our Basic Cage Supplies for Birds:
Ceramic Guinea Pig dish with paw prints

Price: $8.99

Lettuce bowl for guinea pigs

Price: $9.99

Dustpans and Broom in Assorted Colors

Price: $4.99-$5.99