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Cage Bedding, Toys and Accessories for Rabbits

Fleece Liners, Cozy Beds, Accessories and Toys for Rabbits!

We carry a wide variety of custom products for happy and healthy rabbits. Many of our cozies are also suitable for small rabbits weighing less than 4lbs. Scroll down to see our shopping guide for properly pampered buns!

C&C Cages & Fleece Flippers - A Cozy Rabbit Retreat!

Rabbits need lots of space to thrive. The absolute minimum cage size recommended is 8 square feet, along with a larger area for exercise (32 square feet) - but bigger is always better, especially since rabbits should have a pal. Larger cages provide room for exercise which keeps muscles strong, and must provide space for a rabbit to stand on their hind legs and stretch out in at least one part of the cage. Ideal cages will be spacious, well ventilated and easy to clean. Open top enclosures must have a cover since rabbits can easily hop out of most cages.

Our minimum recommendation for rabbits is a Large 2x4 Grid C&C Cage. The C&C cage needs to be 1.5 to 2 grids high, covered, with a second level loft or patio. We also highly recommend using protective edging for the coroplast walls since many rabbits are prone to chewing. Rabbit cage configurations are available at Guinea Pig Cages Store by special request. Adding Fleece Flippers or Cages Liners from Guinea Pig Market will give you plush, absorbent and easy to clean bedding for your bunnies. Fleece is the bedding of choice for rabbit owners!

Cozies and Hideys for Small Rabbits!

While our items are designed for guinea pigs, many will work for SMALL RABBITS (weighing less than 4 pounds). We strongly recommend checking the dimensions for each product to ensure that it will be large enough for your rabbit or bunny.

Our Fleece Forest can be used with many types of cages, though you will need to secure the hanging grid with zip ties for cages other than C&C cages. Our LARGE Hidey Hut is also suitable for small rabbits.

Shop Our Hideys and Cozies for SMALL Rabbits and Bunnies:
Comfy Cozy in Black Sugar Skulls

Price: $40.99

Fleece Forest in Pandas

Price: $19.99

Hidey Hut in Sketched Owls

Price: $52.99

Flippin' Fun Futon in Bold Dots Green

Price: $40.99

Bunny Beds, Cage Pads and Covers

Your pampered buns will love flopping down to snooze on our stylish Plush Beds. For an added sense of security overhead, try our Picnic Awnings.

Got Naughty Buns? Our Potty Pads can be placed in commonly soiled areas for easy spot cleaning, and our Lap Pads can help keep "out time" tidy.

Shop Our Plush Beds, Pads and Covers for Rabbits and Bunnies:
Lettuce Lounger - Mixed Greens!

Price: $21.99

Lap Pad in Bold Dots Blue

Price: $39.99

Potty Pad in Blue Forest

Price: $11.50

Pillow Pad in Northern Lights

Price: $14.00

Picnic Awning in Clouds

Price: $23.99

Ramp Cover in Zebra and Black

Price: $28.99

Basic Supplies and Essentials

Our selection of water bottles, bowls and cleaning supplies is perfect for rabbits and bunnies. Many rabbits prefer ceramic water bowls instead of bottles, so we recommend providing each. We also offer grooming supplies to keep your bunnies looking sharp.

Shop Our Basic Cage Supplies for Rabbits and Bunnies:
Lettuce bowl for guinea pigs

Price: $9.99

Stink Pot Detergents for Fleece Bedding

Price: $18.99

Dustpans and Broom in Assorted Colors

Price: $4.99-$5.99

Guinea Pig Grooming Brush

Price: $7.99

Nail Clippers for Guinea Pigs

Price: $9.50

Heavenly Hay Bag in Pink Unicorns

Price: $29.99

Sweet Potato "Small Fries" snacks for guinea pigs

Price: $3.99

Engaging Toys for Binky Bunnies

A bored rabbit is a naughty rabbit, which is the primary reason so many are surrendered to rescues. This is a shame, since many destructive tendencies can be avoided by simply providing your rabbit with proper outlets for their natural behavior.

Toys can be a great diversion and a healthy way to provide exercise and mental stimulation. Rabbits are extremely playful and enjoy items they can chew, fling and explore. Simply put, rabbits don't just like toys, they NEED them. We designed our scrumptious toys with your rabbit's health and happiness in mind, using edible herbs, natural materials, fresh orchard grass and timothy hay.

Shop Our Toys for Rabbits and Bunnies:
Eco Chew munchable toy for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $19.99

Zen Nibbler Chew Toy for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $19.99

Jester toy for guinea pigs - edible with hay

Price: $14.50

Circus Pop Edible toy items for guinea pigs

Price: $5.99

Guinea Pig Toy - Heavenly Harvest Bell

Price: $14.50

DayDream Delight Toy for Guinea Pigs

Price: $17.99

Spinwheel snacker toy for guinea pigs and small pets

Price: $14.50

Cagetopia's Playful Playmat for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $22.99

DayDream Delight toy for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $22.99

3 cute hay popper edible toys for guinea pigs

Price: $8.99

Wheeker Wreath Chew Toy

Price: $22.99

Snowman Snacker

Price: $19.99

Toy Ticklers Toy Bundle for Guinea Pigs

Price: $20.99

Piggy Power Toy Bundle for Guinea Pigs

Price: $58.99