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Cage Bedding and Accessories for Hedgehogs

Custom Cozies and Cage Accessories for Ferrets!

Your ferrets with dook with delight over our colorful cozies and stylish cage accessories. Scroll down for our shopping guide for happy and healthy ferrets.

Ferret Sleepers and Hideys!

Keep your ferrets snug with our custom cozies and hideys. Add some fleece scraps or Fleece Puffs for a perfect ferret retreat!

Shop Our Hideys and Cozies for Ferrets:
Corner Hammock in Ladybugs

Price: $23.99

Cavy Cave in Northern Lights

Price: $30.99

Comfy Cozy in Black Sugar Skulls

Price: $40.99

Magic Muff in Orange Flowers

Price: $38.99

Hidey Hut in Sketched Owls

Price: $52.99

Flip Tent

Price: $36.99

Flippin' Fun Futon in Bold Dots Green

Price: $40.99

Pigloo in Pink

Price: $12.99

Ferret Pads, Cage Pads and Covers

After a long day of exploring, let your ferrets snooze on our colorful Plush Beds. For larger cages (like Ferret/Critter Nation cages) our Picnic Awning can double as a roomie hammock. We also offer Potty Pads for use in frequently soiled locations, or to catch pesky water bottle drips. For extra protection from sharp nails during ferret "out time", consider our plush Lap Pads.

Shop Our Plush Beds, Pads and Covers for Ferrets:
Lettuce Lounger - Mixed Greens!

Price: $21.99

Lap Pad in Bold Dots Blue

Price: $39.99

Potty Pad in Blue Forest

Price: $11.50

Pillow Pad in Northern Lights

Price: $14.00

Picnic Awning in Clouds

Price: $23.99

Basic Supplies

Our colorful selection of basic supplies can jazz up any cage and make cleaning fun! We're proud to offer a wide variety of options so first time "ferrents" can stock up.

Please Note: Many ferrets will not drink as much water as they should when they have a water bottle, so we recommend providing a water bowl as well. Also, some ferrets will chew on the metal spout, which can cause damage to their teeth. If you see this occuring it's best to remove the water bottle, but before doing so you must be certain that your ferrets are actually using the water bowl provided.

Shop Our Basic Cage Supplies for Ferrets:
Lettuce bowl for guinea pigs

Price: $9.99

Stink Pot Detergents for Fleece Bedding

Price: $18.99

Dustpans and Broom in Assorted Colors

Price: $4.99-$5.99

Guinea Pig Grooming Brush

Price: $7.99

Nail Clippers for Guinea Pigs

Price: $9.50


Chew Toys are not usually recommended since ferret teeth do not grow like rodents and can wear down or break over time. Blockages may also occur if your ferret ingests inedible material. If you do choose to offer chew toys, please only use when supervised. We do, however, offer Fleece Puffs, which are safe for your ferrets to play and snuggle with.

Ferrets are also prone to chewing and damaging toys. If any cage accessories are worn or damaged, throw them away immediately. Also avoid toys with small openings that the ferret might get tangled or stuck in. When choosing playtime accessories for your ferrets, here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Blockages: Ferrets can be determined chewers and ingesting the wrong material can cause intestinal blockages. It's best to offer toys with HARD plastic, and avoid any with rubber, latex, wood, rawhide and small toy pieces. Perform regular "toy safety checks" to make sure items are safe to play with. Look for torn seams, exposed foam/stuffing, cracks in plastic, or parts that are loose and might be ingested. If there is anything wrong with your toys, throw them away immediately and replace them. If your ferret accidentally swallows a non-edible item, give them a ferret laxative or hairball remedy immediately. Watch their stool and behavior for few days, and if they do not pass the unsafe object schedule a vet appointment immediately.
  • Hay: Ferrets don't digest or need to eat hay, and there is a risk of blockages if they eat too much.
  • Toy Balls: Ferrets enjoy HARD plastic jingle balls, whiffle golf balls and ping pong balls.
  • Boxes: Most ferrets love different shapes and sizes of boxes to play in and move around.
  • Paper Tubes: Paper towel or toilet paper tubes are ok, but there is a risk of the ferret's head getting stuck. You should only use these when supervised, and consider cutting a slit down the side for safety.
  • Tunnels and Mazes: Ferrets enjoy toys that appeal to their natural desire to dig and tunnel. Connect cardboard boxes, liter bottles, or drainage pipes to create fun mazes. For more excitement, hide some treats inside.
  • Digging Boxes: These provide your ferret with a safe and non-destructive place to satisfy their digging instincts. Safe fillers include ping-pong balls, shredded paper and large pebbles. Supervise your ferrets in the digging box to make sure they aren't eating any filler material.
  • Plush Toys: Many ferrets love plush toys, but beware of those with small plastic eyes or noses. These are easily chewed off and if swallowed can cause a blockage.
  • Make Playtime Fun: Find easy games to play around the house. Stairs can be a great spot for playtime. Play chase with your ferret, or use a teaser wand for your ferret to follow. Get creative!