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    Nail clippers for your guinea pigs

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    Small Pet Nail Clippers

    The clip is precise, quick and does not fray or splinter the nail. These have a comfortable rubber grip to keep a smooth control with your hands.

    Best Nail Trimmers for Guinea Pigs

    This style of nail clipper is by far and away our favorite style for safely trimming your little guinea pig toe nails -- which you should probably do about every 6-8 weeks or as needed.

    You get complete control over the cut experience. Just go slowly. If your guinea pig starts to wince, just back off and don't cut so far.


    Customer Reviews

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    Leesburg, Florida


    Very easy to hold, and they cut the piggies nails so well! Much smaller than anything I've found in a pet store, I'm so glad I purchased these. They're easy to store as well. Highly recommended!

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