Cage Bedding, Toys and Accessories for Chinchillas

Fleece Beds, Cozies, Accessories and Toys for Chinchillas!

Delight your chinchillas with our colorful selection of cozy fleece bedding and stylish cage accessories. Scroll down for our complete shopping guide for happy and healthy chins.

Chinchilla Cozies and Hideys!

Our stylish fleece cozies are a perfect place for chins to cuddle up in. Add some Fleece Puffs or fleece scraps for burrowing and watch your chinchilla snuggle in for a snooze!

Shop Our Hideys and Cozies for Chinchillas:
Corner Hammock in Happy Hooties

Price: $16.99

Cavy Cave in Northern Lights

Price: $25.99

Comfy Cozy in Sharks

Price: $28.99

Square Bed in Thankful with one guinea pig

Price: $26.24

Magic Muff in Forest Friends

Price: $31.99

Tunnel of Fun in Soccer

Price: $32.99

Christmas Stocking Cozy

Price: $32.99

Chinchilla Beds, Cage Pads and Covers

Tired chins will love resting their feet on our colorful Plush Beds. For larger cages (like Ferret/Critter Nation cages) our Picnic Awning can double as a spacious hammock. Potty Pads can be used in commonly soiled areas for easy spot cleaning, or placed under water bottles to absorb drips. For extra protection during chinchillas "out time", consider our absorbent Lap Pads.

Shop Our Plush Beds, Pads and Covers for Chinchillas:
Lettuce Lounger - Mixed Greens!

Price: $17.99

Mult-colored BellPepper Plush Beds

Price: $17.99

Chili Pepper Plush Bed

Price: $17.99

Lap Pad

Price: $32.99

Potty Pad in Rainbow Paws

Price: $9.50

Pillow Pad in Rainbow Zebra

Price: $11.50

Picnic Awning in Bat Signal

Price: $19.99

Basic Supplies and Essentials

Our colorful ceramic bowls, stylish water bottles and cleaning supplies will help spruce up your cage and make cleaning fun.

Please Note: Chinchillas are known for chewing plastic water bottles. Glass water bottles are usually recommended, or you can hang plastic bottles on the outside of the cage with a metal water bottle guard if needed.

Shop Our Basic Cage Supplies for Chinchillas:
Bottle Brush

Price: $4.58

Ceramic Guinea Pig dish with paw prints

Price: $6.99

Lettuce bowl for guinea pigs

Price: $7.99

Beco Pellet Scoop in Blue

Price: $4.49

Stink Pot Detergents for Fleece Bedding

Price: $15.99

Spray Bottles for cleaning solution

Price: $4.99

Dustpans and Broom in Assorted Colors

Price: $4.99

Lint Brushes for Guinea Pig Cages with Fleece for Bedding for Hair and Hay

Price: $12.99

Orange FURemover Lint Brush for Guinea Pig Cages with Fleece for Bedding for Hair and Hay

Price: $12.99

Guinea Pig Grooming Brush

Price: $5.99

Nail Clippers for Guinea Pigs

Price: $7.99

Grooming Kit for Guinea Pigs

Price: $14.99

Sweet Potato "Small Fries" snacks for guinea pigs

Price: $2.99

Chinchilla Chew Toys

Chinchillas, like all rodents, have teeth that never stop growing. Chewing is necessary to keep their teeth worn down. As active animals who live 12-18 years, having fun and healthy options to chew helps promote dental health and mental well being. We designed our scrumptious toys with your pet's health and happiness in mind, with natural materials, edible herbs, fresh orchard grass and hay.

Shop Our Toys for Chinchillas:
Eco Chew munchable toy for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $16.99

Zen Nibbler Chew Toy for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $16.99

Jester toy for guinea pigs - edible with hay

Price: $11.99

Circus Pop Edible toy items for guinea pigs

Price: $4.99

Guinea Pig Toy - Heavenly Harvest Bell

Price: $11.99

DayDream Delight Toy for Guinea Pigs

Price: $14.99

Spinwheel snacker toy for guinea pigs and small pets

Price: $11.99

Cagetopia's Playful Playmat for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $18.99

DayDream Delight toy for guinea pigs and other small animals

Price: $18.99

3 cute hay popper edible toys for guinea pigs

Price: $6.99

Wheeker Wreath Chew Toy

Price: $18.99

Snowman Snacker

Price: $16.99

Toy Ticklers Toy Bundle for Guinea Pigs

Price: $16.99

Piggy Power Toy Bundle for Guinea Pigs

Price: $49.99