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    Our Tasty Treat Bags provide a healthy and enriching activity for your furry friends! Packed with three types of fresh hay, munchable treats and sprinkled with a variety of edible herbs. Your piggies will love foraging and exploring this tasty treat.

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    Made by Cagetopia

    Tasty Treat Bags

    Made using

    • Small Pet Select Hay Blend (Orchard Hay, Oat Hay and 3rd Cut Timothy Hay)
    • Small Pet Select Herb Blend (Zen Blend, Flower Power Boost, Heavenly Green Crunch, Vita-licious, Linden, Nettle, Plaintain and Echinacea)
    • (1) Apple Stick
    • (1) Pine Cone
    • (1) Sola Chip
    • (1) Coco Curl
    • (1) Palm Spring
    • (1) Coconut Husk Bite
    • (1) Recycled Brown Paper Sack
    • Edible Rope

    Great for appealing to their natural desire to forage and chew!


    • No glue!
    • Great for munching & shredding

    A fun and healthy boredom buster!

    100% safe to chew. Help keep your piggies incisors and back teeth worn down as they gnaw and chew on these tasty treats.

    Enhance your piggy's life with enriching playtime activities. Our treat bags are great for use both in and out of the cage. Place in areas your piggy likes to chew to provide a fun and tasty distraction.

    This is a fun and simple foraging toy for small pets that helps to encourage exercise & activity. Ideal for rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils and pet rats as well as guinea pigs of course!

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    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    I feel like every review on this site says the same thing, but this is bigger than I expected!

    I was so excited to receive this item and the piggies enjoy chomping through the bag and strings before snuffling and eating their way through the rest of the contents

    Also, it keeps them entertained for more than just one day, as I expected it would when I thought I was getting a tiny one.

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