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    $100 Gift Certificate

    A great gift experience for any guinea pig-loving person. We have so many wonderful items in a huge variety of fabrics, colors, styles, and sizes.

    Item #: MARKET-GC-100
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    Made by Cagetopia

    $100 Gift Certificate for the Guinea Pig MARKET only.

    A great way to let your Guinea Pig Enthusiast pick out exactly what they want!

    The Gift Certificate code and gift note you specify will be emailed automatically upon payment. They go directly to the recipient if you provide their email address. It will go to you to pass on to them if you do not include the recipient's email address.

    We also create and send a printable, color 8.5" x 11" PDF file of the certificate with your messaging which will be emailed as you designate during the hours of 8am-3pm PST Monday-Friday.

    Please make sure you spell their email address correctly and remind them to look for it in case it goes to their spam folder.

    You can use multiple Gift Certificates in one transaction. Remaining balances on gift certificates are not refunded. Credit card or PayPal can be used to pay any difference left on your order. Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash and never expire.

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