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    Are Guinea Pigs the Right Pet for You? Help you or your child find out in a very informative and entertaining fashion!

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    The Facts, but Fun!

    Owning a pet is a big commitment, lasting years. Children and parents often don't think about the practical and financial aspects of pet ownership, such as providing it sufficient housing and protection, paying for vets fees, pet insurance, etc. In a fun and authoritative way, Are Guinea Pigs the Right Pet for You encourages responsible pet ownership from a young age, outlining the needs of guinea pigs and the responsibilities of owners.

    Be a Pet Detective

    The reader will be a detective, assigned to investigate and work out whether a guinea pig is right for them based on its needs and, if not, identify what pet is a more appropriate choice. The book includes a virtual pet research section where children are encouraged to live with an imaginary guinea pig with a real pet's needs for a month before acquiring one.

    New to Guinea Pigs?

    This book has a wealth of good info about the basics of guinea pig care.

    Still deciding about guinea pigs?

    This books lays out all the basics you'll need about guinea pig care and maintenance in a fun kind of way.

    Need help convincing your Parents?

    There are checklists and charts to help you get all of your basics and info ready to help make your case. Parents, this is a good starting point before getting the ginnies.

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