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Retail: $35.97
Price: $31.99
Savings: $3.98 (11.1%)

    Bundle and Save with our Original Toy Sets for Guinea Pigs.

    Availability: Back Order notify me
    Made by Cagetopia

    What's Included in this Bundle:

    • One Eco Chew Toy (includes plastic C-link for hanging)
      • 13" high x 2" wide Paper Rope Core
      • Natural Vine Star and Ball Chews
      • Packed with Small Pet Select Timothy Hay

    • One Timothy Tumbler Toy
      • 4.5" Willow Ball
      • Two Giant, Organic Apple Sticks
      • Packed with Small Pet Select Timothy Hay

    • One Timothy Tumbler Jr. Toy
      • 2" Willow Ball
      • Two Organic Apple Sticks
      • Packed with Small Pet Select Timothy Hay

    No Glue! 100% Safe to Chew. Great for rolling, tossing, shredding and foraging!

    Bundle and Save!

    Enhance piggy fitness and playtime with our toy bundles.

    Delight your piggy's taste buds!

    100% safe to chew and filled with delicious, organic apple sticks! Helps promote proper teeth wearing as piggies gnaw and chew.

    Perfect for Naughty Piggies!

    A great way to challenge the most competitive crunchers out there. Place in areas your piggy likes to chew to provide a fun and tasty distraction. Ideal for rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils and pet rats as well as guinea pigs of course!

    Select your Options!

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