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Price: $199.45

    Our Strawberry Fields forever bundle (COTTON FABRIC) is scrumptious ! This bundle includes a Regular Hidey Hut, Comfy Cozy, Magic Muff, Hay Bag, two spare Potty Pads and toys!

    Availability: Made-to-Order
    Made by Cagetopia

    What You Get:

    Dreams Do Come True!

    What do piggies dream of? Strawberry Fields Forever, that's what! Treat your piggies to this delightful bundle in our Strawberry Fields COTTON fabric (available for a limited time only), which includes a Regular Hidey Hut, Comfy Cozy, Magic Muff and Hay Bag.

    We also included two spare Potty Pads for easy spot cleaning (one 9.5" round Potty Pad in Red and one 10"x10" Potty Pad in Black).

    Don't forget the treats

    Your little piggies will adore our Circus Pop Toss toy and Munch the Galaxy toy set.

    Packed with natural materials including high quality timothy hay, balsa blocks, paper straw, natural vine chews and organic apple sticks. Perfect for sharing with a pal!

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