Piggy Tea Party Fleece Combo

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Piggy Tea Party Fleece Combo

Enjoy High Tea at the Piggy Palace!

We decorated this piggy palace with fun, cozy cage accessories in our colorful "Tea Time" fabric. And don't forget our delicious, edible toys for a perfect "brunch and munch"!

Tea Time Fabric Collection

Like what you see? We've showcased the following fun items:

Please note, prices are base prices. Adding features and options can increase an items' price.

Want Your Own Piggy Palace?

This spacious, elegant Cagetopia cage creation is available at Guinea Pig Cages Store. We used our Jumbo cage, but you can recreate it with our XL cage as well. This is the ultimate piggy palace for energetic piggies, and features TWO Roomie Zoomie Narrow Loft Loops for unlimited laps up and around the cage! We also feature a Cavy Cafe dining area which helps keep the rest of the palace tidy.

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