Toys for Rats, Chins & Birds, too!

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Toys for Rats, Chins & Birds, too!

Engaging Toys -- not just for guinea pigs

Other critters love them, too!

Our creative, fun and yummy toys are a delight for other pets you may have in your home, too. They are a fun way to promote playtime and encourage exercise and activity. Tasty additions like timothy hay, orchard grass and safe, edible herbs add extra enticement to keep their interest piqued.

No Glue! 100% Safe to Chew.

Great for rolling, tossing, shredding and foraging! Our toys contain a variety of natural materials, including:

  • Paper Rope
  • Natural and Colored Wood Blocks, Beads and Shapes
  • Natural and Colored Balsa Slats and Blocks
  • Natural and Colored Vine Balls
  • Natural Bamboo Shredders
  • Paper Straws, Beads and Bagels Rings
  • Seagrass Mat
  • Wicker Stars
  • Willow Balls
  • Giant, Organic Apple Sticks
  • Small Pet Select Timothy Hay
  • Small Pet Select Orchard Grass
  • And More!

A Natural Choice for Rats!

Did you know that rat incisors are specialized for gnawing and grow continuously throughout their entire lives? While rats grind their teeth to keep them sharp, chew toys are an enriching way to appeal to their natural gnawing instincts and help keep teeth worn down. Toys also provide much needed environmental enrichment, which encourages rats to become more active and inquisitive. Try our Munch the Galaxy Set, DayDream Delight, and Hay Poppers!

Chew Toys for Rats

A Must-Have for Happy and Healthy Birds!

Birds are incredibly intelligent creatures that require a great deal of activity and stimulation. While wild birds spend much of their day foraging, nesting and playing, captive birds rely on us to provide the physical and mental challenges they require. Foraging and chewing helps keep their beaks in top condition, and physical activity keeps their muscles strong and minds engaged. When these needs are not met, many birds begin to show depressive behaviors including screaming, biting and feather picking. Providing a wide variety of challenging activities and opportunities to forage is crucial to the mental and physical health of your bird. Try natural toys with different colors, textures and treats to forage like our Playful Playmat, Wonder Rope Muncher, and Zen Nibbler!

Chew Toys for Birds

A Fun Way to Satisfy Your Chinchilla's Need to Chew!

Chinchillas, like all rodents, have teeth that never stop growing. Chewing is necessary to keep their teeth worn down. As active animals who live 12-18 years, having fun and healthy options to chew helps promote dental health and mental well being. They should also have access to fresh, high quality hay at all times, since the fiber and nutrition promotes good health, and hay helps keep their teeth in good condition. We designed our scrumptious toys with your pet's health and happiness in mind, with natural materials, edible herbs, fresh orchard grass and hay. Try our Eco Chew Toy, Timothy Tumbler, and Spinwheel Snacker!

Chew Toys for Chinchillas

Stock Up and Save!

We know that the key to happy, healthy pets is a variety of activities to promote playtime and alleviate boredom. That's why we also offer multiple Toy Bundles for every budget, with an assortment of toys to keep playtime interesting. From chewers to foragers, we've got you covered!

Toys! Bundle and Save

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