Mix & Match your Fabrics Now!

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Mix & Match your Fabrics Now!

You can now CHOOSE your ALTERNATE Fabric!

We've revised our operations and removed the upcharge to customize your alternate fabric on all fleece items! Now you can choose your own second fabric. 

We use a primary and a secondary fabric on most fleece items so that it's easier to keep track of laundering and it's easy to change up the look of your cage. We choose nicely matching colors, but now you can choose your own combinations or still stick with ours -- up to you. 

There is only a very modest up-charge on bedding options (cozies and such are free to customize) when choosing a second patterned fabric as the patterned fabrics are more expensive than the solid colors and the bigger bedding items use a lot more material. 

Be sure to check out our  Fabric Gallery  to enjoy perusing our huge fabric selection available.

Some fun SAMPLES!

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