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    Life is sweeter with our Large Jelly Bean Bundle, featuring a colorful Comfy Cozy, Hidey Hut, Pillow Pad and Spare Potty Pads.

    Availability: Made-to-Order
    Made by Cagetopia

    What You Get:

    Taste the Rainbow!

    This bright and cheery Jelly Beans bundle is tasty enough to eat. Create a candyland for your piggies with our Hidey Hut, Comfy Cozy and Pillow Pad. Spare Potty Pads are included to make spot cleaning a breeze!

    Hidey Hut

    Our regular-sized Hidey Hut is a sweet retreat to catch some zzz's. Made with sturdy foam to retain the shape, our Hidey Hut is easy to wash and includes a removable potty pad for easy cleaning.

    Comfy Cozy

    A piggy favorite, our Comfy Cozy is an open design with sturdy sides to make piggies feel secure. It's a great choice for males or piggies who like to nap in the open.

    Small Pillow Pad

    Our small Pillow Pad is a perfect place to lounge while enjoying a piggy snack. They are sewn with two layers of uhaul in between the fleece casing for extra absorbency.

    Spare Potty Pads

    Use the Spare Potty Pads to spot clean between full cage cleanings. Simply place them in hideys or in high traffic locations in your cage, then remove and replace once soiled.

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