New Rainbow Zebra Fleece Combo!

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New Rainbow Zebra Fleece Combo!

Let's Get Wild with a Zebra Fantasy

Our newest retreat is a horse of another color, featuring bold accessories in our NEW "Rainbow Zebra" fabric collection. Your piggies will love zooming through our Fleece Forest for hours of fun-filled enjoyment. Lazy piggies can catch some zzz's in our soft Comfy Cozy or our reversible Magic Muff. We also used an assortment of plush Potty Pads to help lessen the slope of the ramp. This is a great tip to help younger babies or older piggies with less mobility.

Introducing our new Rainbow Zebra Fabric Collection!

Our newest fabric is absolutely wild. This fabulous Rainbow Zebra Fabric Collection pairs beautifully with many of our solid combinations and makes a bold statement.

Rainbow Zebra Fabric Collection

Ready to Go Wild? Create your own Zebra Fantasy with our easy shopping guides below.

Fleece and Accessories from Guinea Pig Market:

Multi-Level Cage from Guinea Pig Cages Store:

Rainbow Zebra Fabric Collection

Cagetopia Piggy Windows

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