Cavy Sleigh Ride Fleece Combo

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Cavy Sleigh Ride Fleece Combo

Share some Winter Magic!

Come on, it's lovely weather for a Cavy Sleigh Ride together with you. Our latest cage creation features cozy accessories from our Special Edition Frosty Friends Bundles and plush fleece bedding in our Black Paws Fabric Collection. Looking for something new? Delight your piggies with a romp through a Floating Forest (instructions below). Don't forget to grab some Munchable Toys, which make the perfect healthy stocking stuffers for piggies who've been gnawty this year.

This setup also includes a roomy Large (2x4 grid) Cage from Guinea Pig Cages Store for a luxurious home for the holidays.

The Large (2x4 grid) cage is recommended for 2-3 female guinea pigs. For 2 males, we highly recommend upgrading to the XL (2x5 grid) Cage.

Frosty Friends Special Edition Bundles

Like what you see? Recreate this cage with our easy shopping guides below.

Prices noted below are base prices. Adding features and options can increase the price of each item.

Fleece and Accessories from Guinea Pig Market:

Cage from Guinea Pig Cages Store:

For the Cage Stand:
Note: (4) Standard Grids and (3) Connectors that were removed for the Drop-down Wall will be used for the top of the Cage Stand. You will also need the following:

For the Dropdown Wall:

For the Floating Forest:

  • (2) Ledge Grids in Black - $4.29 each
  • (1) 1.25” Hinge (cut in half and attached to the end of the ledge grid to level it) - $3.99

Make Your Own Floating Fleece Forest

Get creative with this Floating Fleece Forest that can be placed in a variety of locations throughout the cage, using two Ledge Grids and one 1.25” Hinge from Guinea Pig Cages Store. Simply attach two Ledge Grids to the cage using zip ties, then take a 1.25” Hinge, cut it in half and attach one half to the end of each ledge grid. Complete your Floating Forest with a Fleece Forest in "Wonderland/Red/Green" and a Futon Topper "Fringe" in White, or choose your own fabric combo to match your cavy style.

Floating Forest

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