We offer our patented Fleece Flipper™ system OR our Cagetopia® Cage Liners for soft, comfortable, washable bedding for your guinea pigs, hedgehogs and rabbits. Poos must still be brushed up daily, but the urine wicks through to the absorbent layers underneath the porous fleece. Our Flippers and Liners are designed to fit standard-size C&C Cages as well as the Midwest Cage. All other commercial cages are well under the recommended 7.5 square feet of cage space and we do not encourage their use. Fleece is not a good solution for small cages.

Fleece Flippers vs. Cagetopia Cage Liners?

It's a matter of personal preference and lifestyle.

Fleece Flippers PROs

Cage Liner PROs

  • Modular. If one area is dirty, just wash the one case and liner.
  • Taut surface for easier poo brushing or mini-vacuuming.
  • Flip or move panels around if lightly soiled, extending the time between washings.
  • Burrowers can't get under the flippers.
  • Extended use: replace, extend, change the look or downsize independently and easily and affordably.
  • Multi-purpose: Fleece Flipper Cases can be used for a variety of purposes, even potty pads.
  • Easier to wash and dry: Separate smaller pieces and separate liners are easier on your washing machine and much faster to dry than large, single piece liners.
  • Easier: when cleaning the whole cage, it can be easier for some to roll the whole liner up and shake it off, than disassembling and reassembling the Fleece Flippers.
  • No gaps: No possibility of poos getting between Flipper panels.
  • Forgiving fit: For non-standard, DIY cages that may not have been cut to standard specs, the liners are cut a bit large to allow for future shrinkage, so there is more forgiveness of fit.

Sizing Guides - Getting YOUR Cagetopia Creation Right!

Please use our Sizing Guide to make sure you are ordering the appropriate fleece bedding for your setup. Contact us before you place the order if you have any doubts. A quick review before purchase can prevent delays and extra expenses for Returns.

If you have a Kitchen (from the GP Cages Store):

Kitchen Inserts are designed to be placed directly on the cage tray, so you can downsize fleece bedding based on your kitchen size. Use our Sizing Guide to ensure that your fleece bedding is a perfect fit for your cage and kitchen combo.

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Pawprints Fleece Flippers, set of 3
Set of 3 Flippers Fits a Midwest Cage (Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat)
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Availability: Made-to-Order
Item #: FF05300 -

    Set of 2 Fleece Flippers for Midwest Cage WITH DINER
    Set of 2 Flippers Fits a Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Cage WITH DINER (sold separately)
    Availability: Made-to-Order
    Item #: FF05200 -

      Classic C&C Cage setup

      guinea pig cage showing zebra fleece flippers

      This cage shows our XL (2x5 grids) cage with a Wide Loft on our Cage Stand with Cubbies and Drawers for supply storage--all available on our sister store. This Cagetopia® setup also features our Fleece Flippers, showing a set of 5 Flippers on the bottom and a special Flipper set for the Wide Loft on top which accomodates our special recessed ramp entrance. You'll note the Fleece Forest in the back, left corner and a Corner Hammock in the front left corner.