Aztec Fleece Fun

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Aztec Fleece Fun

Well, we know that guinea pigs were and still are massively important to the South American culture with history going back at least 5,000 years. Yes, we know they ate them. They also revered them and they had special status in many walks of life.

We like this native american pattern as it's warm, bright and cheery.

We are showing a Cage Liner with a Flip Tent and a Fleece Forest with Potty Pad. Flip tents are great for males as there is an way out if one pig is being testy with another. The same with Fleece Forests. All pigs love them, but they are particularly great for males. Fleece Forests are also nice because they stay clean for a long time as the piggies are not lying on the fleece, but hiding amongst the strips. 

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