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    Pet Guinea Pig Hair Brush for gentle grooming

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    Cleaner Fleece

    Regular Brushing can mean cleaner fleece! While brushing the hair on your guinea pig is more of a luxury than a requirement, if you do this regularly, it can be a nice bonding time for you and your guinea pig and you have the added benefit of less shedded hair on your fleece, so easier cleanup and laundry.

    When NOT to Brush

    If your guinea pig has MITES, DO NOT BRUSH. If you suspect your guinea pig has mites, DO NOT BRUSH. If your guinea pig is hyper-sensitive to touch, especially around the back or rump area, where mites take over, please err on the side of caution and get your pig treated for mites first.

    Gentle Bristle Brush

    Perfect Guinea Pig Hair Bristle Brush for gentle grooming.

    Regular brushing will help keep your guinea pigs' coat in good condition and most guinea pigs do not mind being brushed.

    Brush and Bond

    Time spent brushing and combing your guinea pig is also a good opportunity to check for problems such as lice or sores on the skin. The need for brushing depends on how long your guinea pig's hair is and whether your guinea pig is shedding.

    Long-haired Piggies

    Brush and comb out any mats every day. You should keep long hair trimmed such that it is not dragging on the ground.

    Short-haired Piggies

    Brush every few days (at least once a week). If your guinea pig is shedding (losing more hair than usual), brush at least every other day.


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    Leesburg, Florida


    Small, easy to grip, and my piggies love it!

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