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    READY TO SHIP Regular Hidey Hut in Red Tartan - A Favorite Plush Covered Bed for your Piggies!

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    Made by Cagetopia

    READY TO SHIP Regular Hidey Hut in "Red Tartan and Red"

    Treat your piggies to one of the best hidey huts available in this festive fleece fabric. These are a cozy addition to your cage and your cavy's comfort. They are sturdy, beautiful and functional.

    Removeable Potty Pad

    Extend the life of your Hidey Hut with our included removeable and washable matching potty pad! Just toss it in the wash as needed.

    Built to Last

    Our Hidey Hut design is gorgeous and your guinea pigs will approve! They have been a requested favorite for years.

    You Get

    • 1 Hidey Hut in Red Tartan
    • 1 Removeable Potty Pad in Red Tartan


    • REGULAR: 10" x 10" x 8"

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