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From the creator of C&C Cages and the team comes
another leap forward in easier guinea pig care
with Fleece Flippers for guinea pig cages!
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Pigloo in Purple
Pigloo in Lime
Pigloo in Blue
Pigloo in Purple
Pigloo in Pink
Price: $10.99
    Made by: SuperPet


    Pink Lime
    Blue Purple


    Pigloos encourage natural nesting instincts and come in four translucent colors - so you can spy on your guinea pig even when it's hiding!

    Easy to Clean!

    Pigloos are constructed from durable plastic making them easy to clean, as well as odor and stain resistant.


    10.5" long, 12" wide, 6.25" high

    Optional Potty Pad

    Keep Pigloos tidy with our 13" x 13" Potty Pad.

    Item #: PIGLOO
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    Shipping FAQ

    Pigloos are great for a lot of guinea pigs, however, please be aware that the ventilation inside can be somewhat limited.

    NOTE: Do not use custom fleece covers over the pigloos.

    They may look cute, but they are not appropriate for health and safety of most guinea pigs. However, for skinny's you may find that it provides more warmth.

    If you have male guinea pigs it's probably best to avoid using pigloos, as the confined entrance to the pigloo can cause males to become territorial.

    You can avoid scuffles by using more male-friendly hideys such as the "Critter Hollow"

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