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The NEW PRE-ORDER SYSTEM is OPEN! You will be creating a RESERVATION on the system -- no payment yet.
When we are ready to process your order, we'll send an email that your order is "Ready-to-Pay". You'll have 48 hours to make a payment. Otherwise, the computer will change the status to "Unclaimed" and your position will be given to the next person. You are not obligated to complete your order. Only one open Reservation per person. Once paid, it may be up to roughly a week to ship your order.

Share your Happy Customers for a Chance to Win!

Out of this World Photo Contest at Guinea Pig Market

We Love Seeing your Critters in Action!

Our Marketing Program is a fun way to show off your critters using Guinea Pig Market products for a chance to win a $10 Gift Certificate. We are looking for high quality photos for marketing and sharing purposes. These photos may be published on our website, social media and/or used for any other marketing or promotional endeavors as we see fit.

If we select your photo to use for our marketing, we'll send you a Gift Certificate for $10 -- any time. It can be used in addition to any of our current sales or promotions.


  • MUST Include One or more of Our Products
    Please include one or more of our products in the image. This means, not just your cute guinea pig, but your cute guinea pig in an item you received from a prior purchase here at the Guinea Pig Market -- our items using our fabrics or accessories.
  • High-Resolution Photos
    Photos should be in high resolution and good focus.
  • Good Lighting
    Well-lit spaces and the use of a tripod can greatly improve the quality of photos.
  • Types of Critters
    Photos with guinea pigs, hedgehogs, rabbits, ferrets, rats, chinchillas and other critters are welcome.

Submit Your Photo