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    Squidly pigglies will love the view in their own Octopus's garden (COTTON FABRIC), featuring a Regular Hidey Hut, Magic Muff, spare Potty Pad and two Timothy Tumbler Jr. toys.

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    Made by Cagetopia

    What You Get:

    For little explorers!

    This stunning bundle features a Regular Hidey Hut and Magic Muff in this breathtaking Octopus COTTON fabric (available for a limited time only).

    You will also receive a spare 10"x10" Potty Pad in purple to make spot cleaning a breeze.

    Don't forget the munchies

    This bundle also includes TWO Timothy Tumbler Jr. munchable toys.

    Packed with natural materials including a willow ball, high quality timothy hay and organic apple sticks. Nibblers and shredders will have a blast!

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