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From the creator of C&C Cages and the team comes
another leap forward in easier guinea pig care
with Fleece Flippers for guinea pig cages!

Jens Custom Crafts


Now Guinea Pig Market!

Jens Custom Crafts has merged with the new Guinea Pig Market! Teresa Murphy, creator of C&C Cages, has teamed up with Jenny Sawyer, of Jens Custom Crafts, a leading supplier of wonderful fleece and plush products for guinea pigs and other small pets.

We are very excited to be working together to help bring to market Teresa's new creation for fleece bedding...Fleece Flippers™! In addition to our new Fleece Flipper™ products, we're incorporating a number of Jenny's specialty products as well, such as her adorable Lettuce Loungers, Carrot Cushions, Magic Muffs and more.

Jen's Gift Certificates

For outstanding gift certificates, they can either be converted for use on the Guinea Pig Market (with a 10% value bonus added on to your certificate), or Jen will work with you on determining what you'd like from her previous products.

We continue to honor any and all of Jenny's previous commitments and orders. If you have any questions at all, please contact us at or Jenny at

Jen's Prior Products

We will be adding some of Jen's prior products back to the Guinea Pig Market over time. We currently offer her lettuce pads, carrot cushions, sleep sacks and tunnels.

More New Products Coming

We will continually be bringing out new products, new fabrics and new innovations, backed by a mountain of experience in cages, fleece, bedding and lots and lots of guinea pigs!

Here's an early prototype,
testing our new Fleece Flippers™
with a Magic Muff and Lettuce Lounger and Carrot Cushion!

Fleece Flipper testing

Visit our Home Page to learn more about Fleece Flippers™!

Jumbo C&C Cage with Pink Fleece Flippers

Pink Cage with Fleece Flippers


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