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    Made by APD

    Large Ceramic Food Bowl - 8 oz capacity crock

    • premium quality stoneware
    • chew-proof ceramic
    • tip and flip resistant
    • dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
    • stackable
    • can be used to measure food

    Holds: 8oz (or 227g)

    Dimensions: 4” wide x 2” high

    Large Food Bowl

    Pellet food bowl for guinea pigs. Ample size for free-feeding guinea pellets.

    Can also hold fresh food such as cut up veggies and fruit.

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    • Soft Pink
    • Robin Blue
    • Sea Green
    • Lavender


    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
    Leesburg, Florida

    Very cute bowls, and very heavy. My piggies never knock them over, and they set their paws on the side of the dish to eat--it's so nice not having to clean up the pellets. Highly recomended!


    Great bowl=)

    I got this for my rabbit cause she always tips her food dish and food gets everywhere the food stays in the bowl now the colors are really pretty

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