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Price: $6.99

    Some piggies really love our generously plump Fleece Puffs! They love pushing them around or pulling them into their favorite hidey.

    Item #: PUFFS
    Availability: Discontinued notify me
    Made by Cagetopia

    Versatile Fleece Puffs can be used like a stuffed animal for additional comfort.

    Fun Fleece Puffs

    You can use this cute fleece puff balls for multiple purposes!

    As a Pillow

    They are soft and versatile enough to be used as a snuggle pillow for your piggies to lay up against or even on!

    As a Decoration

    You can really dress up your cage with these cute Fleece Puffs. Scatter them around, hang them from a cube. Attach them to the grid walls. Enjoy!

    As a Toy

    Some piggie like things they can push around or even toss around. They are light-weight and good size for your piggies.


    Our Fleece Puffs are about 5" in diameter and completely washable.

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    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:
    Leesburg, Florida

    Absolutely adorable.

    They're so cute! Much larger than I had inticipated, my piggies were scared of them at first but now they lug them around the cage and push them with their noses. One of my piggies even drags the puff into the igloo with her. I'm definitely buying more of these and highly recommend them!


    Good Idea to have!

    My Guinea's love these. I love this company! They have so many cute things!


    So Cute!

    I bought two of these on a whim just because they were cheap. My one pig couldn't care less about them, but my other pig has a ball with them. She's always pushing them around and pulling them in her mouth. It's super cute. It's a cheap buy, so I'd recommend at least trying it out.

    Calgary, Canada


    My boys LOVE these! They are so easily washed and convenient! They snuggle with them and play with them - the other day I found their fleece puff in their bed haha. A really really awesome toy and hardy too!

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