White Paws

White Paws SwatchThe White Paws Fleece Collection

Hear the pitter patter of little feet as your piggies popcorn with delight over this White Paws fabric! This charming, high contrast pattern works great for all color schemes, and is a perfect match for our Black Paws Fleece Collection.

This pattern is paired with Black, but be sure to check out our Red/Orange, Blue/Purple and Orange/Yellow Solid Combinations for bright contrast color matching accessories.

Your little guinea pig will love the appealing scattered paw prints pattern on this fabric!

We typically only show the one Cage Liner (2x3), the Single Fleece Flipper and Case in our Collection, but all types, sizes and quantities of Cagetopia Cage Liners, Fleece Flipper sets and Fleece Flipper Cases are available in this fabric.

We don't always have photos right away of all of the products that we carry in all of the fabrics that we stock. If it's shown here, it is available to purchase in this fabric.

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Sketched Owls Fleece Flipper Case
Price: $16.13
Availability: Made-to-Order
Item #: FF-CASE-Std -

    Fleece Forest in Pandas
    Price: $19.99
    Availability: Made-to-Order
    Item #: FOREST -

      Hidey Hut in Sketched Owls
      Price: $52.99
      Availability: Back Order
      Item #: HHUT -

        Now in Regular or LARGE size You Get 1 Hidey Hut1 Removeable Potty Pad Dimensions REGULAR: 10" x 10" x 8" LARGE: 12" x 12" x 10"

        Lap Pad in Starry Night
        Price: $39.99
        Availability: Back Order
        Item #: LAPPAD -

          Flippin Fun Futon in Bold Dots Green
          Price: $40.99
          Availability: Back Order
          Item #: FUTON -

            Pillow Pad in Northern Lights
            Price: $14.00
            Availability: Back Order
            Item #: PILLOWPAD -

              Picnic Awning in Clouds
              Price: $23.99
              Availability: Back Order
              Item #: AWNING -

                Flip Tent
                Price: $36.99
                Availability: Back Order
                Item #: FLIPTENT -

                  Piggy Perch in Rainbow Paws with Fuchsia Scallop and Medium Blue Drape
                  Price: $29.99
                  Availability: Back Order
                  Item #: PIGGY-PERCH-THEATER -

                    Potty Pad in Blue Forest
                    Price: $11.50
                    Availability: Back Order
                    Item #: POTTYPAD -

                      Corner Hammock in Forest Friends
                      Price: $23.99
                      Availability: Back Order
                      Item #: HAMMOCK -

                        Ramp Cover in Zebra and Black
                        Price: $28.99
                        Availability: Back Order
                        Item #: RAMPCVR -

                          Cagetopia Cage Liner - 2x3 Fleece, Cage Liner, Guinea Pigs, Bedding, C&C Cages, 2x3 Grids
                          Price: $87.99
                          Availability: Made-to-Order
                          Item #: LINER-2X3 -

                            Dimensions 31" x 45" (78cm x 114cm) ~ before washing. After washings: about 27" x 41" (68cm x 104cm), allowing a 4" by 4" (10cm) shrinkage on the liner for washings! Cage Fit For a 2x3 Grid (SMALL) C&C Cage For a 2x4 Grid (LARGE) C&C Cage WITH A CAVY CAFE The Cavy Cafe kitchen inserts (found on the Guinea Pig Cages Store) are designed to take up a 1x2 grid size. This leaves the 2x3 balance of the cage in need of fleece bedding. This 2x3 Cage Liner covers that area. For a 2x5 Grid (XL) C&C Cage...

                            Northern Lights Fleece Flipper Set
                            Price: $36.00
                            Availability: Made-to-Order
                            Item #: FF01000 -