Sugar Skulls Black

Sugar Skulls on Black SwatchSugar Skulls on Black Fleece Collection

This Sugar Skulls on Black pattern fabric both edge & artful! Sugar Skulls are a part of the Day of the Dead celebration -- an interesting holiday particularly in central and southern Mexico during the chilly days of November 1 & 2.

This pattern is paired with Turquoise, but be sure to check out our Medium Blue/Fuschia and Purple/Fuschia Solid Combinations for more rockin' matching accessories.

We typically only show the one Cage Liner (2x3), the Single Fleece Flipper and Case in our Collection, but all types, sizes and quantities of Cagetopia Cage Liners, Fleece Flipper sets and Fleece Flipper Cases are available in this fabric.

We don't always have photos right away of all of the products that we carry in all of the fabrics that we stock. If it's shown here, it is available to purchase in this fabric.

Sugar Skulls Black Fleece Collection