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Retail: $20.99
Price: $12.59
Savings: $8.40 (40.0%)

    Going, going, gone... Last chance to save on all Corner Curtains!

    Item #: CCUR
    Availability: Discontinued notify me
    Made by Cagetopia

    Clearance items are available "as is" and not eligible to be returned.

    You Get

    • 1 Reversible Corner Curtain
    • 3 Metal Ring Hooks


    • Approx. 13" on the sides
    • 18" across the front
    • 10.5" length of strips

    Now 100% Reversible!

    Reversible Owl Corner Curtain

    We've improved our very popular Corner Curtains by making them 100% Reversible! It's so easy to switch up your look now.

    Zoomies and Fun!

    Your piggies will love doing zoomies through these and then curl up and take a nap! These are a wonderful toy/hidey spot for piggies. A favorite of our guinea pigs. These are made of fleece and are easy to clip onto your cage's grids. The hooks are included! (grids are not included).

    These corner curtains and fleece forests provide much needed hidey spots without compromising on cage run around space.

    Stays Clean

    These are off the ground so they stay cleaner longer. Using the hooks, you can adjust the corner curtain to your perfect height.

    Easy to Clean

    You can toss in the washer or dryer when needed. And they are easy to put back on.

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    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 19 Reviews:
    Ontario, Canada

    Fun Little Addition

    I bought this for my girl so she'd have another fun thing to do in her cage now that she's a single piggy (her sister passed away around Christmas). At first she didn't acknowledge it but now she sleeps under it all the time! She doesn't play in it as she's never been a big player, but she seems to love it all the same. The fleece pieces drag a bit in the bedding but I may not have it installed properly. All in all, a great buy!

    Los Angeles

    Great! Both the hammock and curtain

    This is smaller than the hammock they offer without the curtain attached. I have both and both are Fantastic! The fleece Forrest is a MUST as well. If I had to pick only one of those 3 it would be the fleece Forrest but again my 2 piggys LOVE all of these! Another must get is the magic muff. This company has customer service that all companies should strive for. Everyone I have been in touch with has gone above and beyond to be accommodating and helpful! Thanks for a FANTASTIC product and service.

    Sacramento, CA

    wonderful item, quality fabric and my piggy loves it

    My piggy Rooty started checking it out only moments after I put it in his cage. He was chirping , popcorning and twerking not long after. It is his favorite place now. I am hoping to put my other piggy Brucey in with Rooty soon and hope he likes it just as much.

    Thanks !

    Honolulu, Hawaii

    The pig is obsessed

    Bought one of these for my Winston. He's a little skittish still and loves his hiding places. I thought this would be a cute and fun addition to the cage. He absolutely loves it and I often find him lounging in his litter tray in it (it's large enough to fit a decent sized tray). A definite hit! Will probably be buying more for the corners! Really well made too. Thanks! =)

    Flyover territory

    Cute, Fun & Convenient

    It took my piggy a day to get used to these, but now he LOVES the curtains. He uses them to hide behind when he goes potty. I would definitely recommend getting a potty pad to place in that corner. It makes it incredibly easy to clean. The curtains are also adorable and make the cage look very "homey". Great product, and great customer service as always.

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