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Critter Hollow

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Critter Hollow - CRITTERHOLLOW
Critter Hollow in Lime
Critter Hollow in pink and lime
Critter Hollow in pink with guinea pig
Critter Hollow in lime with guinea pig
Critter Hollow in pink with guinea pig and pad
Critter Hollow in pink with guinea pig and pad
Critter Hollow in lime with guinea pig
Price: $14.99
    Made by: Lixit



    Critter Hollow Hidey

    These new bright and smooth, BPA-free plastic hidey's from Lixit are a nice cage hidey option. We like these better than the traditional 'pigloos.' There is a nice large 5-inch opening on BOTH ends!

    No trapped pigs in Pigloos

    With two openings, one pig can't trap another one inside! This is a great option for males.

    Better Ventilation!

    We love the better ventilation of the hollows as compared to the pigloos. It can get too hot and smelly with trapped ammonia from built-up urine in traditional pigloos. These Critter Hollows provide better air flow, yet still give a cozy and secure spot for your piggy.


    12.75" x 12.25" x 5.5"
    The opening is 5" in diameter.

    Optional Potty Pad

    We've shown a few images with our 13" x 13" Potty Pad.

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