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    Use this item to order Coroplast inserts for the Wide Upper Loft or the Piggy Party Patio

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    Made by Cagetopia

    What's Included?

    One white 4mm Coroplast panel, with rounded corners for smooth pulling of the fleece casing over the panel.

    Piggy Party Patio Dimensions:

    • Coroplast insert is 27.5" x 20"

    Wide Loft Dimensions* (includes both pieces)

    • Larger coroplast insert is 26" x 18"
    • Smaller coroplast insert is 20.25" x 7.75"

    * Please note that this is for the loft style with the recessed ramp. If you have a different version, please email us.

    Panel Size Needed

    ##We CUT the Coroplast inserts slightly differently for each cage size. We need precise dimensions for a good fit.

    Checking the cage size does NOT mean that you are automatically getting enough inserts for that cage. Please order the proper number of inserts you desire for your cage.

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